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Organized chaos they call it.  The streets of Saigon are full of it.  Thousands of people die each year in Motorbike accidents.  In fact only last week a motorbike, a bicycle, and a car collided killing 12 people.  I tried to avoid crossing the street while I was here.  I'm only half joking about that.  For the most part my walking tours of the city were circles.  I did get a rickshaw ride home from the war crimes museum.  That was a great time, I'd highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get a good tour of the city.  It's slow enough to take pics, there's nothing really blocking your view, and it's quite comfortable.

Most of my time was spent on the touristy street where my hotel room was.  I was either eating indian food or walking around the block at night.  During the day I went to the cu chi tunnels and the war crime museum.  I had already done all my souvenir shopping in Tuy Hoa.

Cu Chi Tunnels.  I didn't walk through them.  Too small.   You'd have to be crazy to go in those things, it's hot as hell down there, dark as night, and as tight as (well you fill in the blank). 

I had expected the war crimes museum to be much more emotionally challenging than it was.  I didn't feel the need to get patriotically defensive.  It was alot about the relationship of vietnam and cuba.  the agent orange effects, and the journalists that passed during the war.

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