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Sign forest
Today we drove from Marsh Lake to the small Yukon town of Watson Lake. To get there, the road actually dips back into BC then back up into the Yukon, so we got a little taste of our home province. There isn't too much to see in Watson Lake, at least not in the summer. In the winter, it's a destination to view to the Northern Lights. There is a Northern Lights Centre which has a short movie to watch, as well as free internet, which is always exciting. There is also the Sign forest. You can bring a sign from your own town and post it in the sign forest, or make your own to commemorate your trip. It's pretty interesting to wander down the aisles of hundreds of signs and see where they've all come from.

Campground Services is pretty much the only campground in Watson Lake.
Removing the bird from the grill of the van...
It's pretty uninteresting. Standard, RV and tent sites, kind of ugly campground. The only good thing about it is that there's free wireless.

We set up our tent, I was inside, starting to roll out sleeping pads and sleeping bags and I hear from outside, Janelle go, "Silan. Get out here." It's not often that I hear such a serious voice from Janelle. I'm pretty concerned so I race outside the tent to see Janelle starting at the front bumper of the van.

"What is it?" I'm still incredibly concerned, almost scared at what's happening. At this point, it could be a number of things. Is the car damaged? Are you going to spontaneously die at any moment?

"Just come here. Look at the front of the car."

"Ok..." I walk slowly over to where Janelle is standing and I scan the front of the car for any major bumps and dents. Nothing. So I look a little further. "What is it?"

"Just look."

"Oh my god." There it is. A tiny bird, almost folded in half, squished in the grates of the van's grill. Just... in there.

"What do we do?"

"I don't know! Get it out?"

The process included two long sticks and chopstick-style maneuvering to get the little guy out. The worst part was that he was just so darn cute. A little furry head that moved with it's weight as we carried it with the sticks onto the ground. We even had to make a little grave for the bird. How traumatizing. Watson Lake sucks.
jaeden says:
Posted on: May 20, 2009
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Sign forest
Sign forest
Removing the bird from the grill o…
Removing the bird from the grill …
Poor little guy
Poor little guy
Watson Lake
photo by: silan