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Bad backseat passenger. I think this was during my rendition of the Elephant Song Medley from Moulin Rouge...
A couple snippets from my journal after a couple days of driving:

    “Oh my God.”
    “You don’t have to put on the red light! Roxanne!”
    Sam and Janelle exchanged concerned looks in the front row. “You know, there’s two kinds of people who sit in the backseat of a car. The ones who sleep, like you and me, and the annoying kids who are so loud…”
    “ROOOOXAAAANNE! I can’t help it! Carrots make me dance!” Bag of carrots in one hand and a carrot ready to eat in the other, I pump my arms in the air and dance in my chair to the tune.  We had only just pulled out of a rest stop and this was my first venture into the newly dubbed “Chair of Fun”, previously known as the “Chair of Sleep”.
Good backseat passenger
It was another long day on the road towards Port Edward, where we would be camping that night, and you’ve got to fill the time somehow.


“Is it going to be like this in Alaska?”
    With a loud thwack, Janelle hits a mosquito with a rolled up piece of paper and watches it as it floats to the ground, leg still twitching. And thus began Operation Mosquito.  We sat huddled in the car, eating the buns and the remainder of the perishable “Vancouver food” that we had brought with us, discussing tactics concerning switching locations from the car to the tent with the least amount of mosquito resistance. We had traveled north 800 kilometres to Prince George that day, and we were already feeling the wrath of the infamous interior bugs.
    “I hear the mosquitoes in Alaska are huge.”
    Thwack. Another victim.
    Bug spray in hand, we venture into the hot zone.
    “GO! GO! GO!” With arms flailing in the air motioning hurry, the operation is a go.  We spray ourselves first, then hurry towards the opening of the tent – a point of safety that seems miles away. I run ahead and squat parallel to the opening, spraying a wall of mosquito repellent in from of the opening, as Janelle hurriedly zips it open and runs though the mosquito wall with eyes closed. Sam follows suit, then me. And we are safe. We look around, paranoid, shooting glances at any movement in the corners of our eyes, trying to extinguish any critters that made it through our wall.

*    *    *

“Is it going to be like this in Alaska?”
    It was 10:30pm, as we lay in our tent, sleeping bags pulled up over our eyes and shirts covering our faces, trying to impersonate some form of darkness. Our journey had only begun, and we knew it would only get worse from here as we made our way further north through the Queen Charlotte Islands, to Alaska and the Yukon, the land of the midnight sun.

    It was there on that first night that we realized we had begun our roadtrip. During the day it had seemed like we were only going to turn around at the end of the day and head back to Vancouver, but those persistent mosquitoes and the slow-moving sun told us otherwise. Our first destination was just that different from the comfort of our city life. The adventure had begun well, with a breathtaking drive to Prince George that followed the Fraser Canyon most of the way and winded through sleepy towns with no more than gas stations on their main drags. Mountains littered the background, tied together with glistening streams and waterfalls like a perfectly wrapped present. Our 1992 Previa puttered up hills like the Little Engine That Could, straining to carry all the equipment we had stuffed into it. We said nothing when 18-wheelers whizzed past us. Just like our Little Van That Could, we were tuckered out at the end of a long day of driving.

aelder2259 says:
You are such a great writer! I really enjoyed reading about your adventure and can't wait for more!
Posted on: Mar 16, 2009
jaeden says:
The Previa IS the Little Engine That Could. It actually inspired Thomas the Tank Engine...didn't you know?
Posted on: Mar 10, 2009
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Bad backseat passenger. I think th…
Bad backseat passenger. I think t…
Good backseat passenger
Good backseat passenger
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