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Rocky views
Today's itinerary:

1. Maligne Canyon
2. Medicine Lake
3. Maligne Lake
4. Athabasca Falls
5. Sunwapta Falls
6. Columbia Icefield
7. Athabasca Glacier
8. Crowfoot Glacier
9. Bow Glacier
10. Bow Pass and Summit
11. Peyto Lake
12. Mosquito Creek

Ah, the glory of having a car. These sights were strictly see and move on. It's just the type of people we are, don't judge us! We only had 2 nights to soak in all of Jasper and Banff, and it was way more likely we'd come back here than some of the other places we were traveling too. So we started to make our way south down the Columbia Icefields toward Banff. Our final stop was at Mosquito Creek where we set up camp.

We had a "turkey dinner", composed of canned turkey, boxed mashed potatoes and boxed stuffing - it was surprisingly good, and built a fire and roasted a some marshmallows and drank some beer for the full camping experience.

It turns out we're not so good at this pick-a-campground-not-in-use, since we accidentally double booked our site and a woman in her car drove up a little while later. It was already dark and the woman didn't mind as she was just going to sleep in her car anyway, so we talked to her for a while (quite an interesting woman!) and called it a night. Happy we didn't have to move our tent like the great migration at Mendenhall Glacier, we passed out quickly.
lisa says:
i love your blog...
Posted on: Mar 16, 2009
silan says:
It definitely was... and I can't believe we saw her again. What are the chances?!
Posted on: Mar 15, 2009
jaeden says:
Oh my god I forgot that woman. And then we saw her again in Yellowstone right??? So random!
Posted on: Mar 14, 2009
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Rocky views
Rocky views
Peyto Lake
Peyto Lake
Crowfoot Glacier
Crowfoot Glacier
Black bear in Jasper
Black bear in Jasper
photo by: marg_eric