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After such a successful encounter with omelettes the other morning, we tried again today with cheese, green beans and snowpeas. We eventually escaped the odd campground and were on the road again through rocky roads and mountains. We had found Deception Point by Dan Brown on sale at Borders in Boulder and had bought and uploaded it onto my iPod. It's basically what we listened to all day. But hell, Dan Brown is captivating.

Our car experienced emotional and literal ups and downs as it slowed to a crawl every hill we climbed. RVs and 18-wheelers would past us. But we ask no more from our car than to get us to our next destination, and preferably to get us home, so we did no complaining, and only sympathized with our car and talked about how crazy drivers are these days.

Let me just say, there's nothing wrong with eating lunch in a McDonald's parking lot.

After looking briefly at our map, and knowing we were headed towards four corners, we decided to stop for the night in Mesa Verde National Park. After all, we had our annual pass and could enter any national park without incurring more of a fee, so we decided we would just find a campsite there. What we didn't realize was just how amazing Mesa Verde actually was. I don't know if it's just because we came into the park just as dusk was beginning to hit, but we were both stunned at the beauty of this park that neither of us had ever heard of. Why had we heard of Yellowstone, Grand Canyon and Yosemite, and had never heard of this gorgeous place? We found a campsite at Morefield, set up camp, and quickly set off again, so we could explore the park as much as possible before the sun set.
We drove through the park, marveling at every turn at the cliff dwellings, vast landscape and history that is found in every rock. No where had I seen a more beautiful sunset, as it hit the ground in shades of orange as far as I could see.

Not to mention that the campground had free showers. Awesome!

Wanting to discover as much of this park as possible, we had an early start the next morning at 5:00am. We headed out and enjoyed the sunrise as we drove towards Balcony House and Soda Canyon for a short hike.

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We marveled at the view of Balcony House and just asked "HOW?" over and over while reading the information. Running water? Hand and toe holds? No. I don't believe it.

Sadly, we would be leaving Mesa Verde after this... but off to the Grand Canyon!
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Mesa Verde National Park
photo by: lonlee2