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Our communiques with Daniel on his hotel room door
Today, we would sadly say goodbye to Dawson City. You were so good to us! We took down our tent, packed up our car, and tried to hurry to pick up Daniel and Eric (who we organized to give a ride back down to Whitehorse). The thing is, Dieter, the owner of the hostel, is a character. An amazing guy with a hundred amazing stories (he's biked and worked all over the world), he's just an amazing guy that's hard to end a conversation with. One story would lead to another, and of course you're completely captivated and unaware that minutes are passing and you're running late! Sadly, we said goodbye to Dieter, one of our favourite people we would meet on our trip, handed him a "Free Hug" coupon, and were on our way back into town.

Daniel had answered our proposal on a town notice board advertising a spare seat. His French Canadian attempts at note passing increased our anticipation of meeting him, and his friend Eric, more and more. We wrote back and forth by way of a paper towel taped to his hotel room door. We technically had only one free seat in our van, as we had taken the others out so we'd have more room for all our crap, but we made a makeshift seat with our cooler and a bunch of blankets for comfort to accomodate Eric.

Daniel and Eric were from Montreal... and it turns out, we had met them both before. The night before, when we went out with Raphael, he had said hello to a group of guys sitting at the table next to us - he had met them earlier in his stay. As it happens, Daniel and Eric were sitting at that very table. It also turns out that Eric was that crazy guy we had heard about who had kayaked on his own from Victoria to Anchorage. What a small world. When he started telling us about this trip, we paused and went, "Hey! We heard about you!"

Those two were an interesting pair and a great pleasure to talk to. Soon enough, we made it back to Whitehorse, and we all stopped by a laundromat to do some much needed laundry. Daniel and Eric got picked up by Daniel's cousin, and Janelle and I hung out at the laundromat some more. Our laundry was done... we just needed to rest. We had been moving around so much the past few days that it was nice to just sit, reflect and regroup before moving on to our next destination. Let's just sit here and rest for a while.

That night, we headed out of Whitehorse a little bit to the Marsh Lake Campground where we spent the night. Our stay in the Yukon was ending, and we couldn't be more upset. If we go further down south, does that mean we're going to have to start using our headlamps at night?
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Our communiques with Daniel on his…
Our communiques with Daniel on hi…
photo by: silan