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Elk in Jasper. Itching an itch
We cross over to Alberta today. We wouldn't see BC again until our return north from Washington. Before leaving Prince George, we got everything we needed to prepare for the Calgary Stampede organized (campground, food, etc.) and were soon on our way. Today's ride was filled with musical-themed music. And I learned Janelle's surprising knowledge of Les Mis. One of the funniest things I've ever seen and heard is her enthusiasm when singing along to "Master of the House". Janelle: "You underestimate how well I know this", after seeing the look of "what the hell" on my face. Though I shouldn't talk, should anyone question my superb knowledge of Avenue Q...

As we drove into Jasper we were greeted by the amazing views of the rocky mountains and the hoards of wildlife just sitting on the side of the road.
Rocky mountain views heading into Jasper
We had to remind ourselves that we were no longer in the 'wild', but the very tourist-friendly Jasper. These animals were used to cars and RVs rushing past them, photographers creeping as close as possible to take a picture of them, and there was no untouched landscape to see. It was a rude awakening, that although this place was amazingly beautiful, it was not just ours to discover. But still, we soaked up the views and grew excited about the prospect of power-sightseeing over the next couple days.

We set up camp at the Snarling River campground, less intimidating than it's name I assure you. We played a friendly game of "set-up-tent-or-pay" in which one person sets up the tent and one person pays for the site, and we see who finishes first. It was getting towards evening, but we still had time, so we made our way to the Miette Hot Springs for a soak (and a shower!). The hot springs is outdoor with a great view, but it can get busy.
silan says:
See the next blog entry for the instant turkey dinner!
I think I set up the tent faster... but only because the pay station was across the campground and you got lost on your way back!
Posted on: Mar 14, 2009
jaeden says:
Was this when we made the stuffing, mashed potato, and turkey in a can dinner? Who won the set up tent or pay? That game really stresses me out.
Posted on: Mar 14, 2009
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Elk in Jasper. Itching an itch
Elk in Jasper. Itching an itch
Rocky mountain views heading into …
Rocky mountain views heading into…
photo by: marg_eric