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The ferry from Prince Rupert to Ketchikan on the Alaska Marine Highway was set to depart at 7:15am. Since it crosses a border, we had to arrive 2 hours early for customs. Since we weren't actually staying IN Prince Rupert, we had to leave half an hour early to get to the ferry terminal. Since we were camping we had to wake even earlier so we would have enough time to take down the tent in the dark. To add insult to injury, it was pissing rain. That was a fun morning.

But the excitement about the prospect of entering Alaska was enough to keep us going, and the novelty of riding the ferry into the state was even better. The ferries are pretty nice. There are lots of sitting areas, a cafeteria and cabins that you can purchase if you want to sleep.
When in Alaska, do as Alaskans do... drink beer.
The ferry from Prince Rupert to Ketchikan isn't too long but it's a nice break from doing anything other than exploring the boat and enjoying the view. We also relish the fact that there are electrical outlets so we can do all our charging!

When we arrived in Ketchikan, we headed towards the town centre to see what it was like. What we saw was basically a town centre built for the hoards of tourists that come in on cruise ships every summer. The kinds of stores that were designed to look rustic and woody lined the streets adn were crammed full of so many magnets and that say Alaska and had pictures of bears that you almost felt their magnetic force. Though it's a great place to find a souvenir, we were pretty happy to have our walk around, and then get out as soon as possible.
Ketchikan was less exciting than we thought it would be, but the park we stayed in was quite nice and away from the town. Ward Creek is a park just west of the town and is a nice place to get away with lots of recreational options. One of our greatest discoveries in Ketchikan, however, was a mexican/italian place called Chico's. Yeah! It was delicious... the greatest discoveries are always found in the most unlikely of places.

The next morning, after watching Sam sleep an impressive 12 hours, we ate handfuls of granola and slowly made our way through the morning. Our lunch consisted of pasta, chicken broth and corned beef - surprisingly delicious, though a word to the wise, when cooking food with a lot of fat, it solidifies quickly even in the Alaskan summer and makes it pretty difficult to clean post-cooking, especially when you try and run it through the creek water!

We explored the Deer Mountain Trail, which weaved it's way through bushes and walks you past some impressively sized trees and fallen trunks.
The view from Deer Mountain Trail
Be careful on your way down, as tree roots and rocky steps can make it easy to twist an ankle!

Post-hike we fed one of our greatest joys - grocery store wandering! We wound our way through IGA, looking at specials, ice cream and everything we don't need.

Our dinner that night was composed of one of our soon-to-be camping staples: a mix of chickpeas, corn, avocado, and taco seasoning to be eaten with pitas (at some point, the pitas would be dropped from the list, and chickpeas, corn and avocado would be eaten alone). It was amazingly delicious and we ate our meal quickly while playing 6 degrees of itunes, which led us to an amazingly random list of songs, and a very loud Lion King sing-along
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When in Alaska, do as Alaskans do.…
When in Alaska, do as Alaskans do…
The view from Deer Mountain Trail
The view from Deer Mountain Trail
The view from Deer Mountain Trail
The view from Deer Mountain Trail
photo by: Hummingbird