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Woke up by my alarm at 5am. Still so sleepy. I did pack all of them last night so all I had to do was get a taxi and head to airport.
I said goodbye to my friend and got on a pink taxi (YAAAAAY!!!!!) and went to the airport.

Still so dark outside..
OH BOY... I REALLY DON'T WANT TO LEAVE HERE. I NEED AT LEAST ONE MORE MONTH! That's what I thought on my way to the airport..
Thailand is just full of temples and bunch of travlers and parties everywhere. To be honest, I'm not a party girl and not a buddhist either. Not really sure why I love this country..
Let me think why I love this country so much that I don't want to leave..
1. Food
2. People
3. Relaxing (some parts)
4. Cheap (everything)
Well, that's about it. I think it's good reaons!!!

I was hungry so decided to eat some breakfast. I forgot I'm at the airport.. I had such an expensive breakfast! It was like 330 baht. That's my 3 breakfast in Chiang Mai!!!! Ah well, I was hungry anyway, so I needed something that my tummy likes it :)

My flight was 8:30am, I think, via Taipei.
JC told me there was nothing at Taipei airport and have to wait 3 hours. When I heard there was nothing, I didn't know what to do.. I have a book but that's not enough. I have a ipod but that's not enough either..

After a few hours of flight from Bangkok to Taipei, I was at Taipei airport. Was looking for something to do. I found some duty free shops, of course, AND I found starbucks! That's somewhere I can kill my time for long!! I was there about an hour drinking mocha with blueberry cheesecake and wrote my journal.
I still had one hour left. I could read a book while I was waiting so I hit to the gate. On my way, I found free interent (i knew there was free intrenet cuz jc told me). Of course it was busy. I waited until some of them stopped using it. About 15-20 minute later, I got it :D YAY! I was there until the boarding time :P

China airline is okay but I don't like the food so, again, I didn't eat it. But this time, I forgot to bring my snacks so I had to wait until I get to Nagoya.. That was so long!!!
We had TV indivisualy so I wanted to watch some movies. I turned it on the switch. Mm? Ok, let's do it again. 'click'! MMMM??? WTF! My TV doesn't work!!! I even asked a guy next to me how he turned it on. He told me to do this and that but he said mine is broken.. I asked one of the flight attendants to fix it! He fixed it for me :) GREAT! Started to watch a movie so I can forget about food :)

Landed in Nagoya a little bit earlier than the regular schedule. It was like 10 minutes earlier.. I went through customs, got my backpack and run to a bus station. OH MAN! I missed my bus while I was buying a ticket!  I should have screamed at them. DAMN! And next one was one hour later. LOL! So I asked a lady to refund my ticket. Got my money back and moved to a train station. Everything is in airport in Nagoya so it's very easy anyway..
I was checking the time for my train.. 'Eiko?' I heard my name from behind me.. Oh? OMG! That's my friend from high school!! I knew she was working there but i've never met her here even if I used this airport million times this year. We talked a bit until my train leaves. It was good to see her :D I always bumped into her everywhere. Last time I met her was this January and it was at a mall. She found me that time too. I think I'm easy to find cuz I'm tall, she's short. haha! By the way, she looked super skinny.. She said shd had such a rough time so that she lost lots of weight. Yeah,, I can see that!!

Got tanned in Thailand and I look so tanned lol!! And I dress like crap with a backpack and a flip flop. You don't see that kind of girl in Japan. EVER! But I didn't care. These past few days, I dress like crap, no make up, and messy hair. Maybe I looked like a hippie perhaps a homeless?! hehe
I NEVER do that in Japan but Thailand was so hot and humid that I didn't need any make up or dress nice.. I don't want to lose or stolen again anyway.. trauma from HK.. (read my blog of HK)

I LOVEd THAILAND!!  I still do :) And am going to miss this country so much.. :(

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