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way to a market
Day 5 : sunny

Today, I'll be all by myself. My friend has his 'buisiness' going on. Got off at Central mall and walked to a market. OKAY, it's not opend yet! shoot! It was hot and I was sweaty walking for about 20-30 minutes!! Got back to the mall, got on the taxi and went to see a cultural center where we couldn't go the other day.  I asked a driver if he knows that place. I had a map and showed it to him. I thought it was a museum so I said take me to a museum. Turns out that it wasn't a museum. haha!!
Anyway, the drivier took me to Wat phra singh. Umm.. that's not where I wanted to go.. Guess he didn't know exactly where it was. haha! I had to ask someone for the direction. Went into a shop and asked where the 'museum' is. She gave me a direction and I walked down.
cultural center
Hmm.. I can't find it!!! Okay, that was a wrong direction! I walked around that area for about 10 - 15 minutes and I finally found 'cultural center'. It was nicely cold in there :P Was walking too much that I needed a cold air :PP
Right after I got in here, I heard some kids noise. I saw lots of kids outside so I thought they are here! BINGO! Tons of kids were in there and so noisy!!
It was fun to see the culture about Chiang mai. But I forgot most of it. AHAHAHA!!!! :PP

I forgot to take photos too. I didn't know it was allow to..

I wanted to walk outside other than taking tuk tuk or a cab so I walked... Went to a small market and bought some stuff and decided to go back to guesthouse cuz it was SOOO HOT!! I wanted to go to a pool... Got back to my room, changed and went to a jaczzi :D Pool was too green because of rain from the past few days and kids were there.
jaczzi area at night :)
. Jaczzi was so clear and no one was there so I was all by myself! yaaay!!
Well it wasn't jaczzi when I get in. It was a normal pool but someone swtiched on and was actual jacuzzi. woohoo!!! so much fun :D But the weather was kinda cloudy and my body was getting colder so I went back to room and took a nap ;)  Mmmm.. love to take a nap and being lazy :P
Went out for using internet across from my guesthouse. I met one Japanese middle age guy. He told me that hotel (where I was using internet) has many Japanese guests. But I didn't see any Japanese since I got to this guesthouse. But but I found Japanese book store right next to my guesthouse so I was wondering about that.. Now I know why. When I was paying for my internet, a guy asked me if I were Japanese IN Japanese. So I said yes. He asked me If I have some time.. Well,,, I had nothing to do so I said yes and why!? He's a univercity student in Japan and was searching/questioning to japanese backpackers. I answered his questions and talked a bit. I was the 87th or something, he said... Mostly he met in Bangkok (yeah for sure..). He was funny that he kept yelling to a girl at the reception in Japanese. Poor her... I don't think she understood him. His English was poor too...

Was bored so I went out. Wanted to get Thai massage but I found this manicure place so I went in.  It's kind of hobby now that when I go to asia, I try to get my nails done. I don't know why but I think it's because it's very cheap there.
I felt I was like a queen. No custmors were there so I had two girls with hands, two girls with legs. Total is 4 + 1(assistant?). I felt so good. hahaha!!! But it was too quiet.. I wanted some music :-(
Got some snack on my way back. Was going out for dinner with my friend but he couldn't get back til pretty late so we didn't go anywhere.

Just before 10pm, it started raining and it was really hard!!! With thunders and lights.
I don't remember when I went to bed.. Being lazy is tiring actually.. but had a good sleep that night.
momiji says:
Manicure and pedicure, I paid 350 baht total! Super cheap for me ;)
Posted on: Oct 20, 2008
DefDulce says:
How much was a mani?
Posted on: Oct 20, 2008
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way to a market
way to a market
cultural center
cultural center
jaczzi area at night :)
jaczzi area at night :)
Chiang Mai
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