trouble with van in Krakow turns to partying in Krakow plus salt mines

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Driving through Krakow, we didnt like the look of it much, and decided to skip it and just head to the salt mines about 15 minutes out of Krakow, there they again had overnight accomm for campervans for a few euros, so we parked in the car park, cooked ourselves some dinner, and hit the hay.

Woke up, and even though we slept in the car park, we still didnt manage to beat the lines for the salt mines, and had to line up for over an hour in the pouring rain!  Did the tour of the salt mines for an hour or so, wasnt the funnest thing in the world, but still cool to see I guess!  Decided we'd leave Poland for good and start heading south towards the coast!   dying for sunshine and blue waters!  But as we were heading onto the highway, I noticed that one of the front tyres was making a funny noise, and we stopped to check it out.

We couldnt work it out, but had parked next to a mechanics, and we drove it in there, and the mechanic took the wheel off, and worked out what was wrong with it, and couldnt fix it himself, but knew a place who could.  This all had to be worked out with a lot of sign language, and a girl on his phone who knew a bit of English, as the mechanic knew no english and we dont know any polish!

He drove in front of us, and took us to the place that could fix it, which was awfully nice of him to do, he then went on his way, and we were at a car yard.  The guy who looked after us there, could speak a fair bit of english, but just seemed like the dodgiest saleman in the whole world, or at least poland anyway!  But still, we told him what the problem was, and he got our van out the back where his mechanics could look at it.  After an hour or so, and phone calls made by him, he told us he wouldnt be able to do anything today, but that it would be ready by the following evening, so he had to leave our van for the first time and go and find a hostel in Krakow.

We walked to the nearest tram station, and no thanks to the tram drivers, had no idea which tram we needed to get on, or how to buy a ticket, we somehow managed to get a free ticket off a lady in a shop, i think because she was sick of not understanding a word we were saying and just wanted to get rid of us, and we somehow managed to catch a tram to the centrum.  We walked around for a bit trying to find some wifi, so I could look up some hostels on my Ipod.  We ended up being right out the front of one, and went in to check it out, it was cheap and seemed pretty friendly, so we booked ourselves a 8 bed doorm to ourselves.  and headed into the main part of krakow.

Krakow turned out to be a pretty cool town, we hadnt liked the look of it all driving through it, but once on foot, you could get to places unseeable from car, and it turned out to be sweet.  We got ourselves some food, found our where the local clubs were, and headed back to the hostel, stopping to pick up some beers.  Drank our beers at our hostel, before heading out for the first time in the van to an actual club.

Ended up a pretty fun, messy night.  Zak and I lost each other at the club, and both ended up lost in Krakow, walking the streets; but somehow managed to find each other walking towards the hostel, which was good for zak, cos he had no idea where the hostel was!

Woke up in the morning, headed back to where our van was getting worked on, to pick up our baby!  Cant remember how much it ended up costing us, but it was around 150 Eruos. :(  But, she was running as good as new, time to start high tailing it towards the sunny coast!
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photo by: vulindlela