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We got to Rome around 12 noon, found a park. and decided to go check out the colosseum and the sights of Rome. That was all lots of fun, but when we got back to where we parked our van. it was gone! We tried a few other streets close to ours, in case we may have be confused, but no sign of the van and we were sure we were at the right street anyway. We went to the police and asked them if our van may have been towed as there was some construction going on in the street. They laughed at us, and told us it was stolen!

We made our report, and left the police station with nothing but the clothes on our back, wallets, cameras and my ipod. and the police report! We had nothing else, and no where to go! quite a position to be in while overseas! We walked around for litrally hours, trying to find a internet cafe so we could look up some accommadation and eventually at like 1 or 2am in the morning we checked into a hostel to crash for the night.

Got up the next morning, and checked into another hostel, closer to town, cheaper and seemed nicer. That became our home for the next week. we bought new toothbrushes and toothpaste and we started doing the organised pub crawls in Rome every night, which we got a free t-shirt everytime, which we needed as we no longer had a change of clothes. It all becomes a bit of a blur from there, every day was similiar.. go out at night and party, back to the hostel to crash, sleep in, too hot in rome and no beach to do much during the day, so hang out at the hostel with the girls that worked there, go on the net, eat food.. and wait till the pub crawl started again!

We started to get tight with the girls who worked at the hostel, who were kinda looking after us a bit because they felt sorry for us about the van, and the eventually invited us to crash at their house for free! so no more having to pay for the hostel! even though we still hung out there during the day! met alot of people on the pub crawls, one in particular, the most beautiful girl i had ever seen, a girl from canada, who i would never imagined that a year later she would be a huge part of my life!

We got our passports organised, and found that a friend driving around europe in her van was going to be in Milan the next day, so we booked our train tickets and had an over night ride to Milan!
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photo by: vulindlela