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When I woke up this morning the weather was FANTASTIC. But before I could head out I had to cook some food. I made this incredibly yummy Norwegian dish called Fårikål. If you ever visit me during the months of Fall, I'll make you some. It's sooo delicious. Ok, a litlle sidetracked there.. haha

After the food was done, and I had eaten some, it was time to head out. Packed up the usual stuff, (including my cat.. hahaha) and took off for a fabulous day outdoors.

Drove first to Boverbru. There's this small water there I have been wanting to check out for a while, so I tried to figure out how in the world I could get to it. I can see it clearly from the road, but I couldn't see any trails heading to it. I tried one trail, but we hadn't gotten far into the woods before Danie, (my cat) started growling and so didn't wanna go any further.

I couldn't see any reason to why, but I guess she smelled some animal and I decided to go back. And as we got further away from the spot she started growling, she was just fine again....

Took some pictures of the small river/creek running along the trail, and went back to the car.

From Boverbru I drove over to Eina and to a lake called Skjelbreida. It was a bit windy there, but the sun was shining and the temps was good. It wasn't as good a spot to get some great pics, but it was ok. Danie found out she wanted to climb a bit, so I got some funny ones of her.. LOL

We didn't stay at this lake for more than about 20 minutes, and from here we went a bit upwards to a place called Trevatn.

They have this park along the lake there, which is pretty cool. It's a playground, a picnic site and sunbathing/ swimming spot in the summer time. They also have some entertainment there.

Anyways; me and Danie just walked around this place. She sniffing at everything and anything, and me shooting pictures. Although I have my cat on a leash, I just let go of it, and she still followed me around like a little dog. I was quite surprised actually, when she was about 10-15 meters away from me, and I just called her and she came tripping. It was so cute..

I decided to go by my parents, since they don't live to far away from Trevatn. They have this little kitten I gave them, and she and Danie has become pretty good friends. It's always so much fun to watch them playing and fighting and kinda hugging. :o) I might make a theme blog about them...

That was that for this fab day... off again tomorrow ;o)

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parts of the river was almost tota…
parts of the river was almost tot…
photo by: Quest