The search for a new car.

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instead of the first stop in france we ended up in de ardennes of belgium

After we entered the campiste LA CLASURE and parked the caravan on a nice spot near a small river.The ardennes are a beautiful green area,lots of forrest, lot to see and lots of rain (thats the reason why it's so green ).It was quiet an you can hear the river.But after 10 minuts we heart a train coming and was passing about 100 meters away from our spot.After some info we heart that once an hour two trains will pass and in the night time it was over.Ok we can sleep here quiet.I had to make some phone calls to my insurance to arrance some things.

On monday the first thing i did was going to find a peugot dealer and hope that they can repair the car.Lucky for me was that the car was still working, but also blowing like a steamtrain.I found a garage and when i entered the shop i ask in my few words in the frence lanquage if somebody could speak dutch, english or german.

campsite "la clusure".
But the answer was NO. Ok and now.With hands and feet work i managed to explaine the problem but due to no parts and time it was not possible to repair the car.Ok so i went to a another dealer, but the same story,no english, no parts and no time.After a phonecall again with the insurance and the explanation of the mecanic the insurance started the search for a replacement for our car.

Back on the campsite we had to wait for the phone call, the weather was ok so the kids were swimming and we were enjoying a nice belgium beer.At the end of the day the insurance called and told us that the new car will be delivered at the end of the day.We took all of the stuff out of the car and planned our route with new overnight campsites. 

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instead of the first stop in franc…
instead of the first stop in fran…
campsite la clusure.
campsite "la clusure".
the river lhomme
the river lhomme
me and the kids fishing.
me and the kids fishing.
photo by: gimpel