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I really enjoyed Honduras.  Again we decided to go off on our own instead of touring with a group.  We managed to meet a very kind and helpful taxi driver who took us to the beach and back to the port area for a good price.

Roatan had a rustic feel to it and it really reminded me of Tobago, the smaller of our two isles.  The driver was very chatty so once he realized we could manage a conversation in Spanish, off he went. The beach he took us to was about 15 minutes away from where we docked. When we got there, it was totally worth the wait. The beach was gorgeous! 

I think the beaches were getting better and better! The water here was even more gorgeous. My mom and sisters all bathed this time so we had a ball. Also tried to teach my mom how to float but that didnt work out too well! Somebody say scared?!?! lol We stayed for several hours at the beach just enjoying the water, the view and relaxing period.

I also got the take some real pics with the new camera...was really happy with the results. Though I did look drunk in some of the underwater shots. Something about remaining afloat while trying to take a pic underwater i think ;)

On the way back to the port the taxista tried to convince us to do some cablerope activity....You're attached to a cable and you whiz through a forest on the island. Errrr....no gracias senor....un dia....

Anyways, after we wouldnt budge, he took us to a small town area instead to get trinkets and souvenirs. There were lots of nice leather items and wooden stuff. Really cratfy!


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kinda scary..i know lol
kinda scary..i know lol
nuetro taxista genial
nuetro taxista genial
some indigenous people greeted us …
some indigenous people greeted us…
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