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Start day off with some coffee. Then onto the T train and I made it to the JFK museum off Rochester St.  This museum profiles his life, from when he was growing up to his election to what he did in office to his death in the 1960's/. Well displayed rooms and profiles etc. Good way to learn the life of this president. Talks about the cuban missile crisis, to the space race to all about his wife Onassis.

Next Stop today was to Harvard Univerisity. Oldest school in the USA  Walking around here was like walking in a small town. Very amazing, so many buildings and covered many many blocks. I checked out the famous law school portion of Harvard.  Seeing all the study bugs busy walking between each building.

Walked around the district of Cambridge another part of Boston.

This evening stopped at Cheers pub. for some Samuel Adams and a platter of stuff. A good mixture of onions and taters and bread sticks.

For my last day in Boston August 27th/

I did abit of shopping at the Prudential Centre. Some socks and souvenirs from barnes and noble and had lunch in the food court for chinese.

afterwards I went back to Revere Beach and walked another side I didn't the day before. I think I have see all main parts of Boston, great city.
This evening stopped at Hanover St and had some italian food for tonight.

Thats all for the trip. Mission accomplished.

Will have more adventures later.

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Start this morning off with a successful attempt at working the coffee maker. Coffee turned out black, which is I hope the proper color for coffee. Maybe I am addicted now?

First stop today I study up and buy a pass for the T train (subway) for the city. Very easy and convenient in use.
I make my first stop the New England Aquarium. Here was lots of cool penguins, fish, jelly fish, sharks and turtles. Many more as well
Very neat. A huge pool about 4 stories that housed many many creatures in it. Worth a look for anyone.

After I was done here, I walked around Hanover st- the Italian District. Stopped at Paul Revere's house, which was another historic addition to Boston. Small house but neat to see as it dates back over 100 years.
Lots of diversity in this area.

A walked around some more now it was lunch time So i did a quick stop today at Mcdonalds' . Big mac and coke was the meal.

So now I decided I want to venture outside of the city abit. I take the T train to Revere Beach to check it out? ITs no caribbean beach but nice area. Lots of people and sand everywhere. lots of good scenary here. I walked from one side to the other side of this area. Poeple were flying kites here and sand boarding.

After this I went back into town, stoped at another pub. The tv was on a game of Toronto and Boston for baseball, so i figured this is only time I will see a game in Boston, so here I am. Enjoyed a few Samuel Adams and had some Fish and Chips. The cod was a bit small this time, and salty but still good.

Headed back to hotel, but not without a stop at Ben and Jerry's first time, I tried a Chocolate smoothie, very good!

That was my day 3

Woke up today bright and early to check more on this wonderful city. First adventure of the day was to walk up Commonwealth Ave. An amazing are of parks and residential. I had to stop everywhere to take photos of everything. As well I had to first figure out how to work the coffee maker in my room as I don;t drink coffee ever.

Eventually I made it down to Fenway Park, the Home of the Boston Red Sox. No game today, but I still got to see the stadium and the field. Amazing!.

Next I went to the Preduential Centre and went up to the Tower to view the city. Awesome view, from here I was able to map out the rest of my day.

I went down and went to the Christian Science centre. Checked out the fountain and church, totally breathtaking.
I now made me away across the Charles River Bridge and ended up at the MIT campus. A university of many historical buildings. Wish i could enroll here.
Walk around campus for a while.

From here I walked way to the Museum of Science. Very cool, place. learned all about weather and gravity. I highly recommend this place for everyone. Very well layed out and many floors, highly recommended for the whole family.

After the museum I made it to the Charleston Navy Yard, where I toured the old ship of USS Constitution. A great battle ship from the 1800's. Learned alot about its history. So many cannons and the design of the ship was great.
I then went to the USS Constitution museum and learned the whole ships history and battle at the time. A treat for any history buff.

From here I made it to Bunker Hill in Charleston District. The area is very neat, lots of old homes and the street lights look like gas lamps from the 19th century.

This was my last stop of sightseeing for the day. Now I went for something to eat in Faneul Mall at a pub, the Point. Good pub, burger was good, good beer, samuel adams and service was great. The attractive female bartender greatly deserved my tip.

That was my 2nd day in Boston.
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Great blog! I love to see my home city through a "tourist's" eyes :)
Posted on: Nov 19, 2008
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