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the views of the Colorado River from the train ride into Glenwood Springs
My first day in Glenwood Springs was not so great. 

I didn't really have a plan of what to do (do we see the problem?), but thought I would just walk around a little and explore the shops and maybe go on a gentle hike.  The first problem being it was a Monday, so half the shops were closed.  Second problem being that Glenwood Springs is surrounded by mountains and canyons - so the idea of a 'gentle' hike disappeared fairly quickly.  So this all resulted in me wandering around aimlessly in the bright sun for most of the day - hardly surprising that I ended up feeling despondent & headachey & generally crap. 

My second day in Glenwood Springs was much much better.
Glenwood Springs

I'd thought through more of a plan for the day, and for the rest of the week and where I was going next, so I felt a little better about life.  And then I went white-water rafting!  I've never been white-water rafting before, but it's the thing to do around here.  There ended up being just two other girls on the trip, so we had a small boat & a much more personal experience, which was awesome. 

We put-in just above the Shoshone Rapids - class III-IV rapids - and so the first 20 mins or so of the trip was straight into the rapids and HEAPS of fun!!  After that we pretty much just floated down the river listening to our guide Bob's stories for a couple of hours - it was very pleasant, although I would've actually liked some more rapids (I can see how people get addicted to this stuff).
the world's largest hot springs pool

Towards the end of the trip we stopped off at a secretive little hot springs pool - usually trips stop at a larger/crappier hot springs spot in the river, but since there were only 3 of us & Bob liked us, we got the nice spot.  It was so cool to be just on the edge of the river, relaxing in a pool of hot water - awesome. 

After the morning excitement, I wandered around the shops - Glenwood is not really a shopping mecca, though there were a few cute shops.  And then I spent the rest of the afternoon floating in the Hot Springs Pool.  The water bubbles out of the ground at about 122°F (50°C), but they cool it a little to 104°F (40°C) for the therapy pool, and then in the larger pool it's at about 90°F (32°C).  So I soaked in the therapy and then walked & floated & swam along the big pool, and then repeated this sequence multiple times.  I really didn't want to leave, except that I was kind of turning into a serious prune. 
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the views of the Colorado River fr…
the views of the Colorado River f…
Glenwood Springs
Glenwood Springs
the worlds largest hot springs po…
the world's largest hot springs p…