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This morning I got up obscenely early (4:30am) to begin my train journey back east.  The train was, of course, about half an hour late, as we all sat around in the cold, dark, morning. 

However somewhere along the way we apparently made up time & they joyfully announced that we had arrived in Albuquerque early!  Great for anyone who wanted to get to Albuquerque, but since the train can't leave before the scheduled time anyway, and it's a service/fueling stop, all it meant for the rest of us is that we were going to be sitting there for an hour. 

I can very easily entertain myself on an all-day/overnight train trip.  My essential trip equipment list includes:

  • a novel
  • travel guidebook
  • journal
  • Sudoku book
  • MP3 player
  • Computer
  • and a newly obtained cross-stitch kit

And so I switch between activities to keep from getting bored, and sometimes I go and sit in the sightseeing car for a while, and I have lots of snacks & food to keep me going.

However it all seems very different when you're asking me to entertain myself for an hour on a non-moving train.  It is not to be borne!

So I took a quick stroll around downtown Albuquerque.  I didn't really come across anything exciting.  In fact for a downtown area @ lunchtime, it was disturbingly quiet.  I did walk up Central Ave, which is in fact part of the old Route 66 - which now exists only in lots of touristy signs & souvenirs in cities that need a tourist attraction. 

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photo by: vances