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the Grand Canyon

Quote of the Day:

Man (looking along Rim trail): There's nothing down that way really.
Woman (nodding towards Grand Canyon): Just more of that.
Man: Let's get out of here then.

So apparently the Grand Canyon doesn't impress everybody, but I have to say that I spent the entire day gazing into it.  It is definitely grand. It is, in my humble opinion, quite spectacular. 

My bus got me to the South Rim of the Canyon at about 9:30am, and I just started walking along the Rim trail to see how much I could see in one day.  There are quite a few gift shops & lodges along the way, but there are also stretches of the trail that have nothing along them too, so those bits were nice. 

I only walked a couple of miles along the trail, and took a shuttle bus a couple more miles, so really I saw mostly the same stretch of Canyon from a few different angles.

the Grand Canyon
  Which means I hardly saw any of it at all, because you know it's about 277 miles long.

But the bit I saw was just breathtaking & awe-inspiring & I can understand why people spend weeks exploring the Canyon.  I took a ridiculous number of photos, and also spent hours just staring at it - how it drops & rises & changes colour & the shadows & trails & just everything - it's quite mesmerising. 

I happened to reach one of the major look-out points in the early afternoon - right about the time that every major tour operator in the country also reached said major look-out point.  There were people everywhere, all wearing brightly coloured stickers to identify their tour, and quickly snapping away before they had to get back on the bus - it made me very glad that I was there by myself and could explore at my leisure, and had time to just sit and wonder. 

Second Quote of the Day:

Young Man: I've seen Niagara Falls, but this is out to lunch!

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the Grand Canyon
the Grand Canyon
the Grand Canyon
the Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
photo by: Sunflower300