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Chang Mai was one of the BEST places I've been on my travels.  Really I think alot was down to luck of timing & the people I met but at the same time you make the best of what you're given & I definitely think Martina & I did that.  Arriving in on a Sunday was perfect as there is a night market on Sundays.  We amde sure we had a nice 2 hour massage before thinking about that after the 14 or 14 hour train journey up from Bangkok overnight (this is actualkly the best way to do it).  The market's got loads of nice stuff at dirt cheap prices & very busy so there's a great atmosphere & is well worth checking out.

The next morning we went off on a 3 day trek which was incredible.  We started of nicely with an elephant ride & then lunch followed by a swim in a waterfall.  We had no idea what was in store for us then though as we went on a HOT & very steep hike for what felt like hours although I think it was about 3 hours.  Just the heat was unreal never mind the fact that it was all uphill.  Believe me we were all exhausted when we finally got to our 'hotel'.  We stayed in a sleeping camp with the Karen tribe & although we didnt interact with them we had a lot of fun drinking that night as the tour had a container full of ice & beer so we could buy refreshments :) There was a great mix of nationalities (Scottish, English, French, Welsh, Spanish, Swedes, Italian, Austrians, & more Irish people.

Day two of the trek was definitely easier.  We spent alot of the morning lying around doing nothing/recovering from the night before.  We left camp & made our way in the direction of our camp for night two.  On the way we saw some more of the Karen tribe & visited the coolest little school, & then spent a couple of hours at another waterfall.  It was very much a day to relax & the hike was much much easier.  The camp that night was amazing as it had a big that more resembled a dorm room with mosquito nets on each bed.  We bathed in the river & had a lovely dinner around a campo fire.  That night was more drinking again & a great laugh.

Day 3 was a long hike to get to a place where we were going to go down a river on bamboo rafts to finish off the trek.  It really was a cool end to three great days.

The best was yet to come as we all organised to meet that night & ended up at THC the Spiceyd.  THC was very cool with buckets & drum & base music.  It was hard not to enjoy it, even if you're not a fan of drum & base like me, as you're 4 flights up & it's got psychadelic lights & all funky painting on the walls in alluminus colours that really could freak you out if you've had a far too much to drink.  It was 5am before I got home I think.

As great that night was we had forgotten that we had a cookery course the next day at 9am.  It was a great course & definitely worth doing but not if you're still pissed when you're picked up at your hotel.

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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes