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Tomorow I will be on a plane heading to Korea. Tomorrow. 24 hours from now. One more sleep, well IF I can sleep. It feels surreal and I don't think it has fully sunk in yet no matter how I put it.  Maybe as I am sitting on the plane and the engines start up and the pilot comes on announcing our destination it may just feel a bit more real. The flight will be 14 hours straight, landing in Seoul, a 4 hour stop there and then another plane for an hour to Busan.   This will be my first time in asia e-v-e-r and I deicide to go and live there (lol).  I think that was one of the appealing factors though, to do something out of my comfort zone.

The whole process has been a bit hectic, lots of red tape and waiting.  From gathering up the necessary documents to finding the right contract and even an interview with the Korean Consulate. The wait is finally over.   I went to visit my grandfather a couple of days ago in the hospital to say goodbye and had stitches on my forehead I had to get removed today. I have repacked my suitcases over and over several times and I find myself standing there looking at them. I don't know if I expect it to get up and smack me in the face or what but I just cant stress over that anymore.  I am excited and nervous and sad and uncertain, yet certain all at once. Believe me, if your confused how do you think I feel (lol).  What's more confusing is that I leave Toronto at 10am on Friday to get there 6pm Saturday. 19 hours of travelling and still I arrive and its early evening. Not only will I loose a day but it wont be time for bed either. Then a thought occurs to me...will I even see "night" on the plane. Or does it somehow go from morning here to morning there without ever being pitch black outside?! Hmmmm... 

One thing I do know is that I am ready to emark on this journey. It has been a long time coming. I have wanted to teach abroad ever since I finished University but the timing was never right or something would come up.  I told myself this year was the year and so off I go.   I can't wait to meet my kiddies and explore a new city and culture. I am ready. Tomorrow I will be on a plane heading to Korea. TOMORROW! (lol).



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