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A couple of years ago, I could not imagine living anywhere but New York, but when I visited my father in Brazil for the first time in 2006, I knew I had found the place I had been searching for. Most people say that I remind them of the Lynard Skynard song, "Free Bird" due to my somewhat erratic and unpredictable nature. I have always been the type of person who takes something like "let's go to Madagascar!" seriously.

I returned from Brazil at the end of April, and tried to be optimistic about living in New York until December, but living a year abroad in country whose language was foreign to me the day I landed, but somehow (through great determination) achieving an Advanced Intermediate proficiency was perhaps one of my proudest achievements. Although I had originally visited Brazil with the intention of vacationing and helping my father out with my new baby brother, I ended up getting a job as an English teacher at a private language school. I truly enjoyed the experience, and I have to say being in contact with bi-lingual Brazilians in an area, where most people only speak Portuguese or another Romance Language, really was taxing my first few weeks in a new country.

I remember feeling lost, and nervous, but I soon made friends and even fell in love with a Brazilian. It was pretty amazing how love is a universal language like mathematics or music, but despite what was lost in translation, we both attempted to get to know one another. I guess being able to talk to my significant other was what really motivated me to master conversational Portuguese. These days, words almost come naturally, and although I make some grammatical errors, most people think I have been living in Brazil for 5-6 years instead of one.

I am a little nervous to go back to the beautiful beaches of Santa Catarina. I am worried about the boy I love and whether or not he has fallen out of love, an engagement was made, which I worry will be broken. However, I speak to him on a daily basis, and everything suggests the contrary.

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Balneario Camboriu
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