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To foreigners, if to ask the question: If you think about Otoman impire or Turkey what does come to mind first of the majority ? The answer probably will be given "Turkish bath" Nowadays, no longer be considered as decreasing the number of fingers baths, for centuries the most important and colorful culture of the Otoman and Turkey is  to protect existing of them.


 Famous and historical Turkish Baths in Istanbul are folow. Hamam means Bath.


Çemberlitaş Hamamı:  It was built in 1584. It was idea of Sultan Murat's mother Nurbanu and it was built in order to provide the income for Üsküdar Atik Valide Sultan Mosque. Mimar Sinan's work with a Turkish bath, is now serving as a double bath. Tel: 0 212 520 18 50 Web: www.cemberlitashamami.com.tr So, now you have some ideas about  my nickname as well :)


Cağaloğlu Hamamı: 1741 I. By Mahmut income for the Hagia Sophia Mosque was built with. Hammam's plans did Başmimar Süleyman Ağa, but was finished by Abdullah Aga. Is currently serving as a double bath. Tel: 0 212 522 24 24 Web: www.cagalogluhamami.com.tr


Süleymaniye Hamamı:  Mimar Sinan's "My master works" also with the Süleymaniye Mosque were built in 1557. It is situeted in Beyazit district and was open for tourists in 2001. Tel: 0 212 520 34 10 Web: www.suleymaniyehamami.com


Galatasaray Hamam: It was built during the reconstruction of the Kishla-Mektepleri near to GalataSaray district and finished in 1715. There was added women part bath in 1965 . Tel: 0 212 252 42 42 Web: www.galatasarayhamami.com



Sultanahmet Hamamı: It was built in 17 century. Adres is Divanyolu Cad. Doctor Emin Pasa Sok. No 10 Sultanahmet-İSTANBUL / TURKEY Tel: 0 212 513 72 04 Web: www.sultanahmethamami.com


I am sure everyone will like it :).



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photo by: Memo