BA Day 1 (Bonking busses and bragging about my dick)

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Hello everyone.

I´ve had to start again, as something rather ironic just happened. I was wriing this blog explaining how it was the small things that tripped me up, such as the keyboard. Sure enough, as I was writing this, The whole text window vanished. I don´t know what heppened or how. I also do not know how to make the @ symbol, as it´s sitting beside the number 2 on that key. (I made that one by copy-pasting my email address)

So anyway, Here I am in Sunny Buenos Aires. Aside from the language, it could easily pass for near-city Sydney, sans the commodres with doof doof, and with the peugots playing Manu Chao.

We´ve had a few little bothers. Our phrasebook is apparantly Euro Spanish, and not south Ameican Spanish. Apparantly there is a lot of difference. For example, Saying "I want to catch the bus" in euro spanish translates to "I want to bonk the bus" In Argentina. Yes That was a funny look.

Also "Theres a big bug in the bathroom" becomes "There´s a big prick in the bathroom".

So as you can imagine, with all this bus bonking and big prick bragging, It gets a little weird.

Apart from that, the pride the Argentines take in their country is very easy to see. Even the cab  driver waved his arms dramatically as we came into view of the city and presented "Buenos Aires" to us. This made me a little panicky, as he had no hands on the wheel and had already shown complete disreguard for signals, road rules or even common self preservation as he went at about 150 km/hr on the freeway, all the while trying to ask us who our favouite Argentinian football team was in pidgin spanish.

It was only slightly less scary than driving with Beatrix.

On the was, we passed by the slums (At aforementioned high velocity) It was like looking at a city that had been bombed. Walls falling down, skeletal buildings with tarps for ceilings... Quite a shock comeing straight off the plane, still, even the people that live there walk tall and strong, with heads high. The pride borders on Hubris, but I find it admirable that the people here are proud of where they came from, no matter where it is.

Apart from that, we´re not really planning anything today besides walking around, trying not to bonk a bus or exaggerate on the size of my manhood.

So, it´s ciaó for now and I´ll write again soon.

PS I can´t be stuffed proof reading, and this keyboad has been banged like a two dollar hooker, so not all they keys work. If things don´t make sense, then go bonk a bus.



bmpvandissel says:
Hey Josh & Cas,

I have finally got around to reading your travel blogs . . . very funny, as you made me laugh out loud several times, I will forgive your slur on my driving ;)!!

hope you have a safe & smooth journey and i look forward to hearing more about your adventures!

:) Bea xoxo
Posted on: Apr 07, 2007
cas_and_josh says:
did this work?
Posted on: Jan 20, 2007
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