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The Federal Bar next door to the Carlos Gardel Hostel

On arriving back in Argentina the heat immediately hits us again.  We learn that it is around 42 degrees Celcius and thankfully have the roof top room this time with it's own shower and toilet.  Do our last bundle of washing in the sink and go out for dinner.  While looking for a particular restaurant we give up when we see a line of people waiting to go in a small restaurant.  Tag along and get the last available table upstairs in a room totally bedecked in Soccer memorabillia.  It is primarily a steak house and I watch other tables being served.  From time to time the cut of meat is place down on the table on a serving platter and the waiter draws a spoon and fork out of his leather pouch on his belt and cuts the steak with the spoon!   This is to prove that it is so tender!!  Our steaks are superb and the cheese, potato and cream dish is delicious. 

As we get ready to leave I tell the waiter that I noted that there aren't any Australian  Soccer flags around and as we might just win the World Cup in Germany he might have to get one.  He gravely says " Stranger things have happened" .  I think that I will send them something after we do win the World Cup!

10th January.  As we are not flying out until late at tnight we have the day to relax.  In the main shopping area we replace our lost or broken sunglasses.  Andrew finds a one man barber shop and has a haircut.  The old guy is keen on a conversation so I try hard to pick up keywords to make a conversation with his torrent or words.  For 10 pesos ( $AUS4) Andrew gets a good haircut and I tell the man that he now looks very handsome which pleases the guy! 

What will we miss in South America?  Pebre, always something extra with your order, water, juice, small biscuites, cheap good food, wine, trying hard to add more words of Spanish to my vocabulary, the ornate tall doors, antiques, tango, coffee in squares, artisans. 

What won't we miss?  The Dec/Jan heat in Buenos Aires, road rules ( what road rules?), broken and dog fouled footpaths, the plastic bin beside the toilets for used toilet paper, garbage in the streets, children and adults bagging for money.

At the airport really early for our flight.  We have to make changes to the seating as we are not together and they find this hard as the flight is overbooked but they do.  Then the check in tells me that I have excess baggage at 27 kgs.  I remind him that we have RTW tickets that take in North America and have a 32 kg allowance.  He confirms I am correct.  The guy then tells us that they are looking for volunteers to stay another night in BA at their expense as the flight is overbooked.  We decline as we are ready to go and leave the heat.  The passengers for our flight collect in the lounge area and several flight attendants head up waiting to board.  Three of them are wearing wigs.  Orange  green and pink.  They are being quite outrageous and are very funny.  I consider if it is another ploy to get passengers to volunteer to stay off the flight?

Little sleep on this overnight trip but fairly uneventful and I watch movies.  Andrew dozes.  At Miami we believe that we will be going into a transit lounge for the connecting flight to Jamaica.  WRONG.  We hae to go through the full bit of USA immigration.  Electronic fingerprints and eye photos.  Spend a fascinating 4 hours in the flight lounge as our fellow passengers arrive.  The accents and the amazing hair styles have us transfixed.  A small taste of things to come!!!

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The Federal Bar next door to the C…
The Federal Bar next door to the …