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I had been working almost 4 years in the lovely city of Brussels. I ended up living 2½ years there full time. One of the first things I understood was why expats don't want to leave again. I had a goal of walking the streets of Brussels and driving the roads of Belgium. One of my goals here is to visit all large cities in Belgium and afterwards know a lot about Belgium

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February 23rd, 2006Brussels, Belgium
February 24th, 2006Brussels, Belgium
February 25th, 2006Brussels, Belgium
April 10th, 2006Brussels, Belgium
April 12th, 2006Brussels, Belgium
August 27th, 2006Brussels, Belgium
December 14th, 2006Brussels, Belgium
January 9th, 2007Ghent, Belgium
January 15th, 2007Brussels, Belgium
February 23rd, 2007Brussels, Belgium
April 16th, 2007Mechelen, Belgium
May 9th, 2007Brussels, Belgium
May 9th, 2007Liege, Belgium
May 17th, 2007Zaventem, Belgium
May 18th, 2007Paal, Belgium
May 19th, 2007Brussels, Belgium
May 24th, 2007Brussels, Belgium
June 16th, 2007Mechelen, Belgium
July 7th, 2007Brussels, Belgium
July 22nd, 2007Sint-Martens-Leerne, Belgium
September 30th, 2007Liege, Belgium
October 1st, 2007Brussels, Belgium
October 15th, 2007Brussels, Belgium
October 27th, 2007Brussels, Belgium
November 1st, 2007Luxembourg
November 10th, 2007Ghent, Belgium
November 13th, 2007Brussels, Belgium
November 15th, 2007Brussels, Belgium
November 18th, 2007Brussels, Belgium
December 20th, 2007Ieper, Belgium
December 26th, 2007Roermond, Netherlands
January 6th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
January 11th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
January 12th, 2008Lille, France
January 12th, 2008Dunkerque, France
January 17th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
January 20th, 2008Maasmechelen Village, Belgium
January 24th, 2008Ixelles, Belgium
February 10th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
February 20th, 2008Tournai, Belgium
March 1st, 2008Brugge, Belgium
March 8th, 2008Paris, France
March 9th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
March 11th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
March 13th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
March 15th, 2008Ghent, Belgium
March 16th, 2008Tournai, Belgium
March 17th, 2008Vlezenbeek, Belgium
March 23rd, 2008Brussels, Belgium
March 24th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
March 30th, 2008Namur, Belgium
March 30th, 2008Dinant, Belgium
March 30th, 2008Wepion, Belgium
March 30th, 2008Givet, France
April 4th, 2008Etretat, France
April 4th, 2008Vattetot sur Mer, France
April 4th, 2008Vaucottes, France
April 4th, 2008Yport, France
April 4th, 2008Fecamp, France
April 5th, 2008Ixelles, Belgium
April 6th, 2008Montherme, France
April 6th, 2008Rocroi, France
April 13th, 2008Soree, Belgium
April 13th, 2008Ciney, Belgium
April 13th, 2008Rochefort, Belgium
April 13th, 2008Jemelle, Belgium
April 13th, 2008Maastricht, Netherlands
April 13th, 2008Havrenne, Belgium
April 13th, 2008Leignon, Belgium
April 16th, 2008Ghent, Belgium
April 19th, 2008Leuven, Belgium
April 20th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
April 24th, 2008Ixelles, Belgium
April 25th, 2008Ixelles, Belgium
April 25th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
April 26th, 2008Mechelen, Belgium
April 27th, 2008Ghent, Belgium
April 27th, 2008Mechelen, Belgium
April 30th, 2008Ixelles, Belgium
May 3rd, 2008Genk, Belgium
May 15th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
May 16th, 2008Durbuy, Belgium
May 18th, 2008Bassilly, Belgium
May 18th, 2008Kortrijk, Belgium
May 18th, 2008Ieper, Belgium
May 20th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
May 20th, 2008Ixelles, Belgium
May 21st, 2008Brussels, Belgium
May 22nd, 2008Ixelles, Belgium
May 22nd, 2008Brussels, Belgium
May 25th, 2008Ixelles, Belgium
June 7th, 2008Lier, Belgium
June 8th, 2008Nivelles, Belgium
June 14th, 2008Calais, France
June 14th, 2008Dover, England
June 14th, 2008Whitstable, England
June 14th, 2008Canterbury, England
June 17th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
June 18th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
June 22nd, 2008Aartselaar, Belgium
July 5th, 2008Maastricht, Netherlands
July 7th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
July 10th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
July 14th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
July 15th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
July 17th, 2008Ixelles, Belgium
July 19th, 2008Ghent, Belgium
July 20th, 2008Ghent, Belgium
July 21st, 2008Wolfsmuhle, Luxembourg
July 29th, 2008Oostende, Belgium
August 6th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
August 12th, 2008Gooik, Belgium
August 14th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
August 15th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
August 21st, 2008Brussels, Belgium
August 23rd, 2008Mechelen, Belgium
August 24th, 2008Paal, Belgium
August 24th, 2008Antwerp, Belgium
September 14th, 2008Houyet, Belgium
September 14th, 2008Celles, Belgium
September 14th, 2008Foy-Notre-Dame, Belgium
September 14th, 2008Dinant, Belgium
September 14th, 2008Walzin, Belgium
September 14th, 2008Anseremme, Belgium
September 20th, 2008Namur, Belgium
September 21st, 2008Brussels, Belgium
September 21st, 2008Ixelles, Belgium
October 11th, 2008De Haan, Belgium
October 12th, 2008De Haan, Belgium
October 16th, 2008Amsterdam, Netherlands
October 24th, 2008Mechelen, Belgium
October 26th, 2008Tongeren, Belgium
October 26th, 2008Maastricht, Netherlands
November 15th, 2008Cologne, Germany
November 16th, 2008Paris, France
November 20th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
November 22nd, 2008Basel, Switzerland
November 23rd, 2008Brussels, Belgium
December 5th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
December 6th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
December 11th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
December 12th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
December 13th, 2008Lille, France
December 14th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
December 14th, 2008Mechelen, Belgium
December 15th, 2008Grimbergen, Belgium
December 23rd, 2008Ghent, Belgium
December 24th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
December 25th, 2008Mechelen, Belgium
December 26th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
December 28th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
December 31st, 2008Brussels, Belgium
December 31st, 2008Etterbeek, Belgium
January 2nd, 2009Brussels, Belgium
January 3rd, 2009Brussels, Belgium
January 3rd, 2009Aartselaar, Belgium
January 29th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
January 31st, 2009Brussels, Belgium
February 12th, 2009Leiden, Netherlands
February 16th, 2009Mechelen, Belgium
February 19th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
February 20th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
February 21st, 2009Brussels, Belgium
February 22nd, 2009Brussels, Belgium
February 23rd, 2009The Hague, Netherlands
February 24th, 2009The Hague, Netherlands
February 24th, 2009Scheveningen, Netherlands
March 2nd, 2009Genval, Belgium
March 7th, 2009Neufchateau, Belgium
March 7th, 2009Freux, Belgium
March 7th, 2009Houffalize, Belgium
March 7th, 2009Hotton, Belgium
March 7th, 2009La Roche, Belgium
March 7th, 2009Vielsalm, Belgium
March 7th, 2009Fraiture, Belgium
March 7th, 2009Verlaine, Belgium
March 8th, 2009Paal, Belgium
March 10th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
March 11th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
March 13th, 2009Ixelles, Belgium
March 29th, 2009Antwerp, Belgium
April 1st, 2009Ixelles, Belgium
April 13th, 2009Strainchamps, Belgium
April 13th, 2009Menufontaine, Belgium
April 13th, 2009Warnach, Belgium
April 13th, 2009Tintange, Belgium
April 13th, 2009Bastogne, Belgium
April 17th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
April 18th, 2009Mechelen, Belgium
April 19th, 2009Mechelen, Belgium
April 22nd, 2009Brussels, Belgium
April 23rd, 2009Brussels, Belgium
April 23rd, 2009Ixelles, Belgium
April 24th, 2009Sint-Joost-ten-Node, Belgium
April 25th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
April 26th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
April 27th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
April 28th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
April 30th, 2009Zaventem, Belgium
May 1st, 2009Brussels, Belgium
May 2nd, 2009Brussels, Belgium
May 3rd, 2009Sint-Gillis, Belgium
May 9th, 2009Paal, Belgium
May 9th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
May 10th, 2009Paal, Belgium
May 12th, 2009Zaventem, Belgium
May 17th, 2009Edegem, Belgium
May 17th, 2009Ixelles, Belgium
May 23rd, 2009Brussels, Belgium
May 29th, 2009Ghent, Belgium
May 29th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
May 31st, 2009Dinant, Belgium
May 31st, 2009Brussels, Belgium
June 1st, 2009Ixelles, Belgium
June 1st, 2009Aartselaar, Belgium
June 2nd, 2009Oostende, Belgium
June 2nd, 2009Ostend, Belgium
June 3rd, 2009Middelkerke, Belgium
June 3rd, 2009Oostende, Belgium
June 4th, 2009Oostende, Belgium
June 6th, 2009Lille, France
June 6th, 2009Mechelen, Belgium
June 6th, 2009La Roche-en-Ardenne, Belgium
June 6th, 2009Durbuy, Belgium
June 11th, 2009Zaventem, Belgium
June 11th, 2009Groot-Bijgaarden, Belgium
June 12th, 2009Zaventem, Belgium
June 13th, 2009Mechelen, Belgium
June 14th, 2009Hasselt, Belgium
June 14th, 2009Hoegaarden, Belgium
June 18th, 2009Mechelen, Belgium
June 19th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
June 27th, 2009Mechelen, Belgium
June 28th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
June 30th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
July 7th, 2009Vilvoorde, Belgium
July 15th, 2009Antwerp, Belgium
July 17th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
July 19th, 2009Ghent, Belgium
July 20th, 2009Ixelles, Belgium
July 21st, 2009Brussels, Belgium
July 21st, 2009Mechelen, Belgium
August 3rd, 2009Brussels, Belgium
August 13th, 2009Etterbeek, Belgium
August 19th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
August 20th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
August 24th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
August 28th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
August 30th, 2009Mechelen, Belgium
September 4th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
September 5th, 2009Paris, France
September 6th, 2009Aachen, Germany
September 6th, 2009Gileppe, Belgium
September 6th, 2009Fagne de Polleur, Belgium
September 6th, 2009Spa, Belgium
September 6th, 2009Kalborn, Luxembourg
September 7th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
September 10th, 2009Mechelen, Belgium
September 10th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
September 12th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
September 13th, 2009Kampenhout, Belgium
September 13th, 2009La Louviere, Belgium
September 13th, 2009Cuesmes, Belgium
September 13th, 2009mons, Belgium
September 16th, 2009Leuven, Belgium
September 18th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
September 18th, 2009Bispingen, Germany
September 19th, 2009Bispingen, Germany
September 23rd, 2009Ixelles, Belgium
September 24th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
September 30th, 2009Hannover, Germany
October 1st, 2009Hannover, Germany
October 3rd, 2009Ixelles, Belgium
October 9th, 2009Uccle, Belgium
October 17th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
October 18th, 2009Aubel, Belgium
October 22nd, 2009Brussels, Belgium
October 27th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
October 27th, 2009Bonn, Germany
October 29th, 2009Ixelles, Belgium
October 30th, 2009Ghent, Belgium
November 1st, 2009Brussels, Belgium
November 4th, 2009Ixelles, Belgium
November 8th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
November 8th, 2009Ixelles, Belgium
November 9th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
November 9th, 2009Ixelles, Belgium
November 10th, 2009Ixelles, Belgium
November 11th, 2009Ixelles, Belgium
November 11th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
November 13th, 2009Zaventem, Belgium
November 17th, 2009Mechelen, Belgium
November 28th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
December 2nd, 2009Brussels, Belgium
December 30th, 2009Brussels, Belgium
December 31st, 2009Mechelen, Belgium
January 1st, 2010Mechelen, Belgium
January 3rd, 2010Zaventem, Belgium
January 28th, 2010Ixelles, Belgium
January 30th, 2010Brussels, Belgium
January 31st, 2010Brussels, Belgium
March 18th, 2010Antwerp, Belgium
March 18th, 2010Mechelen, Belgium
March 19th, 2010Ixelles, Belgium
March 19th, 2010Brussels, Belgium
March 20th, 2010Brussels, Belgium
October 10th, 2010Mechelen, Belgium
October 10th, 2010Zaventem, Belgium
October 22nd, 2010Ixelles, Belgium
October 22nd, 2010Brussels, Belgium
October 23rd, 2010Brussels, Belgium
October 24th, 2010Brussels, Belgium
December 17th, 2010Antwerp, Belgium
December 30th, 2010Zaventem, Belgium
December 30th, 2010Charleroi, Belgium
December 30th, 2010Brussels, Belgium
December 31st, 2010Mechelen, Belgium
December 31st, 2010Brussels, Belgium
January 21st, 2011Ixelles, Belgium
January 21st, 2011Brussels, Belgium
January 22nd, 2011Brussels, Belgium
January 23rd, 2011Ixelles, Belgium
May 20th, 2011Mechelen, Belgium
May 21st, 2011Mechelen, Belgium
May 21st, 2011Vilvoorde, Belgium
May 26th, 2011Schiphol, Netherlands
July 4th, 2011Ravenstein, Netherlands
July 4th, 2011Sloten, Netherlands
July 4th, 2011Lith, Netherlands
July 5th, 2011Ravenstein, Netherlands
July 5th, 2011Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
July 6th, 2011Ravenstein, Netherlands
July 6th, 2011Schiphol, Netherlands
October 17th, 2011Brussels, Belgium
November 5th, 2011Zaventem, Belgium
November 5th, 2011Vlezenbeek, Belgium
November 5th, 2011Mechelen, Belgium
January 13th, 2012Mechelen, Belgium
January 14th, 2012Mechelen, Belgium
January 14th, 2012Brussels, Belgium
May 6th, 2012Brussels, Belgium
July 21st, 2012Brussels, Belgium
July 22nd, 2012Brussels, Belgium
August 21st, 2012Brussels, Belgium
September 18th, 2012Brussels, Belgium
September 19th, 2012Brussels, Belgium
September 20th, 2012Brussels, Belgium
January 25th, 2013Brussels, Belgium
September 14th, 2013Amsterdam, Netherlands
December 6th, 2013Brussels, Belgium
December 8th, 2013Brussels, Belgium
June 28th, 2014Mechelen, Belgium
June 28th, 2014Machelen, Belgium
June 29th, 2014Melsbroek, Belgium