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My birthday in The Red Light District

My girlfriend had her sister and her best friend visiting us in Brussels and every time her sister is here we try to bring her in to a new country. The goal of this time was a trip in to Holland, and especially Amsterdam, but making sure that we visited the Outlet in Roermond on the way.

Being also my birthday and having the joy of waking up in a house with 3 beautiful young women made me have a good day as well; but unfortunately we didn’t get out as early as I had hoped for. It was nice though to be celebrated in the morning.

We headed for Roermond at lunchtime, reaching the Outlet at 13.

The menu at a Coffeeshop
30. I had anticipated some shopping by these three shopping assistants that I brought along in the car, so I had removed my golf equipment from the trunk to make sure that everything would fit. Their shopping went very well; there was a small cheer every time the credit cards still were working. They all looked at me for back-up in case of card failure!

They finally gave up at around 18.00 and said that they were done shopping; I hardly could believe my ears, but I had also expected that they were giving up on the Amsterdam part since we were 1½ hours drive from the epicentre of Holland; but no, my mistake again!

We arrived in the windy and cold city centre of Amsterdam at around 19.30 and their main goal was the Red Light District which fame was their main knowledge point. I had not been in the city centre of Amsterdam nor the Red Light District in many year; too many years to mention! It felt like it was in my young years, but I remember that I had a rough time getting home in my rental car all the way towards Denmark.

A friend of mine and me had in our late twenties decided to rent a car and drive to Paris for week of holiday, and on our way home we visited the Red Light District driving around in the rental car looking for a hotel. At that time drug traffickers usually rented cars and filled them up with dope and drove back north towards Scandinavia. Being blond Nordics we didn’t know that, when we were driving around in there. We had been photographed and monitored all the way, so when we entered the German border we were stopped and detained for 3 hours before they searched our car and completely torn everything we had in the car from each other. We were even threaten at gun point because I had the stupidity to say that they were wasting their time with us.  

They found nothing, but that didn’t stop them at all, so when we tried to leave Germany again before the German-Danish border, we were search again and even again when we entered Denmark. Here we had the drug dogs running around in the car and had the whole show once again. It was some experience.

Well, I had not been in the District since! I had a fair picture of where we should be heading so I parked the car in one of the parking houses in the city centre. First attack of the 3 young women was a souvenir shop; they had to make sure that the plates and the magnets were bought, and not at least the G-strings with hash leaf on! I was looking forward to the demo when we were home again.

We asked around and were guided in the Red and right direction. Main goal was to find the windows with the women, visiting some sex shops and finding a coffeeshop. In the 2 hours we were there we managed all of it and they were afterwards a bit disappointed of all of them. The city council of Amsterdam is working hard on reducing the area and they are succeeding very well. Many of the windows are now being used by designers in order to display their clothing.  

We headed home after a long day, where the girls were happy and laughing or should I say giggling almost all the way home to Brussels. Wat

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My birthday in The Red Light Distr…
My birthday in The Red Light Dist…
The menu at a Coffeeshop
The menu at a Coffeeshop
photo by: pearcetoyou