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Montherme seen from above - driving down towards the city centre next to the Meuse.

Driving along the Meuse is wonderful. The river is not crowded with house and the villages are scarce. Sometimes I was making a short cut of the loop of the river because I wanted to see some of the scenery from above. On one of my shortcut I had a fantastic view over a city that I later found out was Montherme. I decided to drive down there to see what it would look like. The road was absolutely marvellous; it was like driving along the serpentines in the mountains surrounded by forest and great views. Once I came down to the river I had to cross the river on a very large bridge compared to the city ��" I would almost estimate that the bridge was as large as the whole village.

The village was like any other village along the river build around a small town street with is 2 or 3 cafés, and a small market towards the river.

The crossing of the Meuse at Montherme
The houses were all built in stone. I parked the car and enjoyed the view over the river and smiled at a very drunk guy going from one café to another besides him I only saw a young boy walking the main street while I was there. The bridge had a lot of flags on both sides which I found peculiar because it looked like there was supposed to be some kind of festival. The flags were actually the only colourful thing in this village.

The current under the bridge was very heavy and the water dark brown and muddy. I was not the place I would like to dip my feet.  As a village  it was not worth much of a stop on such a cold day but I was standing there imagining the same view on a summer day and I decided that I had to come back and give this little village a second look.

The city has home page in French with gives some good information about this village, you can check if you are interested.

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Montherme seen from above - drivin…
Montherme seen from above - drivi…
The crossing of the Meuse at Month…
The crossing of the Meuse at Mont…
Spring is coming - even the rock a…
Spring is coming - even the rock …
Looking downstream of the Meuse
Looking downstream of the Meuse
photo by: Chislev