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Close to the Perron is the Place St. Lambert (Saint Lambert's square) with the most awesome building of the city : the former palace of the Prince-Bishops of Liège.

Today I went to Liége. Liége is situated 90 km east of Brussels. The city i fairly large and the second largest  french speaking city in Belgium. Liegé is the pricipal economic and cultural centre of Wallonia. There are more than 470.000 inhabitants and today I think half of them were at the same market as I was. Liége is also called the daughter of the Meuse river or "La cité ardenté" (the fiery city).

I remember coming in this city many years ago as one of my first stops on my first roadtrip around Europe right after highschool. Then the city was tired and very grey - it was when the steel industri was letting out all the dirt right in your face, it didn´t even fall down from the sky. Liége was even then an old industrial center whiched faced the adapting challenges of meeting the 21st century.


The city is now rapidly changing and todays inner city is well kept and renovated - streets are more clean and tempting. You see this if you go for a walk in the almost traffic free alleys and shopping streets. A night out in this city is also fun due to the manu pubs and dance clubs. I can recommed going out after the town football team Standard Leigé have won, especially if they have won over Anderlecht. I did that this summer it was loads of fun.

Today my son and I walked in the inner city towards the river where there was a big market. The market was the main attraction today and it was packed. Here you could get everything you usually find in markets around central Europe today - there was a lot of clothes, flowers, meat, fish, cheese, candy, birds and electronic devices and much more. One thing was more evedint than others and that was the food - you could get anything here from the hundreds of small market stand along the river. There is nothing like the smell of food.


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