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I had planned to leave early Friday morning but I had to go to the office in the morning to look at some budget issues; in general I knew that when I first enter my office I would have a difficult time getting away again. I was right, I didn’t get out from there before 1 pm and then I had to go back home and pack.

I managed to get out of Brussels at around four o’clock which is a really bad time to leave on a Friday afternoon. There is no doubt that it is before the worst traffic, but the weather was so good that I had to reconsider many times before I actually decided to go for Denmark.

The traffic was murderous, on my way out of Brussels my friend Marc called from Antwerp; he had been sitting in a queue for more than one hour only doing five kilometers. It was not so bad in direction Liege but when I reached Liege there was a full stop.

I got free of the queue and had thereafter a pretty good drive all the way out of Belgium. The troubles started in Germany, where a mix of heavy traffic and road construction made it the worst drive I ever had towards Denmark and I had been driving the route a numerous of times. 80 kilometers before Hannover it became nonsense, there was more than 9 km of queue and I decided at that point that I would only drive until 21.40!

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photo by: Vlindeke