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What is Belgium without a cold beer. The best thing is all the different choises. The one in the strange glass is a Kwak

Since early March 2006 I have travelled back and forth to Brussels every Monday and Friday from Copenhagen. I didn’t know that much about Brussels before I started to work in the city. I have come to really enjoy it’s atmosphere and especially the people in the more than a year where this has been going on for me, and this summer I am moving down there and it looks like it going to be in August.

What is Brussels and who are the Belgians? I think that this is more than a difficult question to answer in short, but I have come to love this most northern part of southern Europe. Today there is no doubt in my mind that southern part of Europe begins in Brussels, and nothing bad about that, it has actually enforced my belief in that there are better values of life than the northern.

Grand Place
This is where you start feeling that life is more important than work and not opposite.

Brussels is also a very international city and I have come to love that when you land in Brussels Airport you are greeted with a sign telling that you are now in the heart of Europe. The great thing about is that I think I have seen the same text in at least 3 other airports; Prague; Budapest and Vilnius!

Brussels is a very cosmopolitan city and in a good way; you feel it when you talk to the native Belgians; they are very open-minded and friendly and they are used to talk to "outsiders". Brussels has different quarters that you have to explore separately if you have the time because all of them are special and only if you give yourself the time that is needed it will tell you its secrets.

The peeing boy in clean clothes - He has more than 400 different
It takes years to know Brussels and it will still have its secrets when you leave. Brussels is a city that grows of people if they spend the time.

One of my first experiences is that you can’t say Brussels, Belgium without saying excellent food and extremely tasty beer. Almost all food I have had the last year has been immensely good - and it does not matter what kind of food you prefer of try. I have tried to review some of the restaurant that I have been visiting and as you might have seen and almost all of them have gotten 4 stars due to their fabulous quality.

Tasting the beers of Belgium is a full time study; I can’t imagine if I had to test them all, but I will do efforts be sure of that. Most of the Belgian beers are really tasty but also very strong, very strong and very, very good.

Enjoying a beer at Le Mort Subite.
I just feel that I have to warn about first time drinkers of Belgian beer; they are no nonsense very strong; especially for people coming from countries where you are not used to strong beer. I was drinking a beer with at Spanish friend of mine and he was really chocked, because in Spain they usually drink light beer in small glasses - and here you get strong beer in big glasses!!

This is the first page of my Belgian blog and I am sure it will be a collection of everything I will meet on my trail in Belgium and the surrounding countries, because a fabulous thing about Belgium is that it is amazingly close to almost everything in the middle of Europe.

Chokk says:
I was there again last weekend ! I still love the place
Posted on: Mar 03, 2017
Jo104 says:
Very well written introduction and agreed excelent food I visit here for work often
Posted on: Feb 25, 2017
sweettangerine says:
Wow, your introduction would be perfect even for a brochure on Brussels! It's a lovely and well-written ode to the city and country.
Posted on: Sep 25, 2013
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What is Belgium without a cold bee…
What is Belgium without a cold be…
Grand Place
Grand Place
The peeing boy in clean clothes - …
The peeing boy in clean clothes -…
Enjoying a beer at Le Mort Subite.
Enjoying a beer at Le Mort Subite.
photo by: Vlindeke