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The five of us were always going to have a great time in Paris, but we may have felt less great when we came home if we had spent any more than we did! Alcohol is expensive in bars and clubs - more so than in England even! I paid 10 euros for a bottle of WATER. ridiculous.. but that's what they can charge when you get a flyer to get in free to a club!

The area we stayed in was a little seedy - Place de Clichy.. but our hotel (the name is lost in my memory for a moment but it is on hostelworld.com) was very cheap and although there was no bar, we made friends with two sets of americans who were interailing at the time. There is also a bakery at the bottom of the hotel which is reasonably priced, and a supermarket opposite. It is not a place for a lone female traveller but good for a group.

If you are going for the weekend or four days, make sure you get a metro pass ... it is reasonably priced and you can get to anywhere in Paris within about 15 minutes! Walking is quite easy as long as you get a good map, and just really follow Champs-Elysee and the Eiffel Tower, but the metro is far easier and quicker!

I'm not going to tell you how amazing the view off the Eiffel Tower is (it is!), or to go and visit the Sacre Coeur, because you probably know that! I will tell you a few tips though...

1. Go to the supermarket... get yourself some french bread and cheese and go and sit in the park on the right hand side of the Champs Elysee road when you are facing the Arc de Triomphe. It is opposite the metro station in the middle before the shops. There are a few stunt men who sometimes practice there! It's quite small, but really peaceful.

2. Make sure you watch the break dancers on the platform (I'll attach a picture of where I mean) which faces the Eiffel Tower... they are amazing - and my friend is one of them! If you are stood under the Eiffel Tower it is the opposite direction to the park - you climb lots of steps up to it.

3. After your Eiffel Tower trip go to the restaurant in a nearby street. If you are facing the park (the big one) behind the Eiffel Tower go to your left along the little road... you'll arrive at a junction and turn right into the street with lots of little cafes. Take your pick, but the big one with tables outside is really good... lots of food for reasonable prices!

4. Eat in the side roads of the Sacre Coeur.. in this case, make sure it has at least a few people inside.. but they don't have to be english! French people sat inside usually means it's good because when the Parisians go out they obviously know where the good food is!

Have an amazing time in Paris... it really is a wonderful city.

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photo by: Sweetski