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[For the uninitiated The Moor is a large pedestrianised shopping precinct situated in Sheffield City Centre.]


"The Moor.  Huh.  What is it good for?  Absolutely nothing!  Say it again!"


It's a very poor misquotation of Edwin Starr but I'm afraid it does sum up one of the biggest blights on the face of Sheffield.


Somewhere at Sheffield Council you can probably find someone prepared to describe The Moor as a thriving commercial area, the bustling heartbeat of the city where shoppers can browse a wide range of stores or hunt out bargains amidst the varying market stalls that line the area.  Once you have discovered that Council person you will have found an out and out liar.


The Moor is a dive.  In fact it gives the word dive a bad name. There are areas on the Moor that dream of being able to class themselves as a dive.  It plumbs depths you really don't want to encounter.


That’s not to say it's necessarily seedy or unsafe - it's just that it comprises of wall to wall cheap tacky crap.  Every shop is some sort of downmarket 'everything for a pound' emporium where you can stock up on all your plastic tat requirements.


The market is more like a car boot sale except not quite that trendy.  Stalls piled high with mobile phone cases vie with racks of low quality clothing which battle for space with trestle tables filled with a jumble of food about to exceed it's sell by date and presumably dumped by a supermarket.


The whole ambience is topped off by a succession of vile looking burger vans around which varying numbers of tracksuited chavs gather to force hot dogs into their mouths before neatly depositing all the wrappings onto the floor.


I hate the very ground this place exists on and implore you never to put yourself through visiting it if you’re in Sheffield.


Apparently there are multi-million pound plans to refurbish the whole place, rebuilding and modernising it all.  All well and good but if they really want to revitalise it they need to get rid of most of the shops and try and attract something more upmarket that will really pull in investment into the city.


To be honest the best thing they could do with the current Moor is just send in the bulldozers tomorrow and flatten the lot!

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photo by: moshers_moll