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Next up - how to speak Sheffield!


Delving into the impenetrable complexities of the local accent is going to take multiple posts if I decide to go down that route so we'll leave that for another day.


I thought that we'd start with Sheffield sayings or words that for some reason don't seem to exist outside of the City boundaries to my knowledge.  These are the words that you casually drop into a conversation with a non-Sheffielder and they look blankly at you in an uncomprehending manner.


I'm going to try and come up with some more but here's a starter for ten that I've just knocked up: 

  • Overlayed - Not getting up on time - "I'm late for work because I overlayed"
  • Mardy - sulking because you can’t get your own way - "You're just mardy"
  • Mardy Bum - Someone who sulks a lot - "He's a right mardy bum"
  • Mash - To allow tea to infuse with the water - "Is the tea mashed yet?"
  • Mash Up - Make a pot of tea - "Shall I mash up?"
  • Pot - A plaster cast on a limb following a broken bone - "They put a pot on it"
  • Gennel - a small alleyway between buildings - "Go down that gennel there"
  • Breadcake - a bread roll, generally the round type - "Do you want your sandwich on a bread cake?"
  • Roar - to cry - "He's gonna roar now!"
  • Packing Up - A packed lunch - "What's tha got for tha packing up?"
  • While - denotes a period of time between two fixed points - "I work nine while five on Mondays"

I may add to the list if I think of any more...

Amanda says:
I have never heard even one of these terms. Very interesting.
Posted on: Apr 26, 2007
dougal says:
I wasn't aware you had grown up?
Posted on: Feb 08, 2007
Higton says:
Top 5 are all used in Eastwood (where I grew up). I think they might be mining slang.

I like gennel. In Hull, they use "two-foot" to denote such a thing.
Posted on: Feb 08, 2007
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