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Once Upon a time (around 1984) this was all it cost to ride a Sheffield bus

Back in the mists of time (well the early 1980s anyway) Sheffield was renowned for having the cheapest bus fares in the country.  This is the era of The People's Republic of South Yorkshire with it's steel industry, electro-pop and heavy public service subsidisation.  And the infamous 2p bus fare.


At this time the maximum fares on South Yorkshire Transport buses was a whopping two pence for kids and five pence for adults (or was it ten pence for adults? - not being an adult at the time I'm not completely sure.)


Unfortunately as the decade progressed this piece of public service was unfortunately held up by the Tory government as the worst example of socialist profligacy and so they set about dismantling it and privatising Sheffield's bus network.


Obviously the amount of subsidy was rather over the top but thanks to the First Mainline and Stagecoach (the two bus contractors in Sheffield) it is now the most expensive city to travel by bus in the country to my knowledge.


Average price to travel a few stops: £1.60!  Yes that's £1.60 to go less than a mile.  Heaven knows what the maximum fare is!  Compare that to Edinburgh for example (purely based on the fact that I’ve just been there) - a cosmopolitan capital city - where the maximum fare on Lothian buses is only one pound.


Now this is all making me sound like a grumpy old man chanting "It's not like it was in my day" but how have we got to this situation?  Be warned - if you come to Sheffield and want to use the public transport system prepare to pay through the nose.


In fact a second mortgage might be the order of the day!
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Once Upon a time (around 1984) thi…
Once Upon a time (around 1984) th…
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