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As a follow up to my wildly successfully piece on famous Sons of Sheffield (and no I won't expand the title to include daughters because... well because I just won't) I was trying to think about local dishes that you could look out for whilst in Sheffield.


Unfortunately despite having lived here for over twenty years I couldn't come up with much of a list.  So in a Wiki sort of way any one care to suggest any more (use the comments thing) - not that anyone else in the world seems to have ever been to Sheffield in the first place but you never know.


Anyway - here's my list so far:


Hendersons Relish

The crowning glory of Sheffield's cultural delicacies.  Having grown up here it came a somewhat of a shock to find that if you travel much outside the boundaries of Sheffield you can't get this anywhere.  Why ever not?  For the uninitiated the closest likeness I can come up with is Worcestershire Sauce but that doesn't really do it justice.  It's a similar colour, comes in a similar bottle and you put it on pies and meats and veg etc in the same way.  But it tastes distinctively different.  It's less harsh, more rounded and less spicy.  And it's vegetarian which stuff like Lea and Perrins isn't.  you can find it in loads of pubs and cafes alongside the salt and vinegar round here - give it a go - you won't regret it.


Wards Beer

This was for many years the taste of Sheffield.  The brewery was situated on Ecclesall Road pumped out gallons of the stuff for the discerning beer drinkers of the area to partake in.  They even sponsored Sheffield United at one stage.  Unfortunately they were bought out by Vaux and they promptly discontinued Wards and shut down the brewery.  It's now been converted into flats.  This didn't go down well in these climes and eventually Vaux decided to relaunch Wards but unfortunately decided to make it in Sunderland.  Apparently they then sold the brand to Robinsons so it's now brewed somewhere near Stockport.  No one seems bothered as it’s not the same any more.


Bassetts Sweets

Dating back to Victorian times they were invented and produced in Sheffield and fed hungry urchins for generations.  It seems they are owned by Cadburys now so I've no idea where they are made these days.


And that's about all I can come up with.  Yorkshire puddings aren't just Sheffield, Bakewell tarts are from... well Bakewell.


So all we have is a relish, some beer that isn't made any more and some sweets that probably get produced in China or somewhere now.


Surely there are more?  Anyone?


dougal says:
I'm not sure if we can take full credit for Yorkshire pudding I'm afraid. Which is a shame as it is a truly wonderful foodstuff.
Posted on: Apr 27, 2007
Amanda says:
I don't have anything new to offer, but if you can take any credit at all for Yorkshire pudding... well... more power to you. It's my very favorite thing in the whole world....
Posted on: Apr 26, 2007
Higton says:
There is a Bassett's factory in Chesterfield, next to the train station - so not too far away.
Posted on: Feb 06, 2007
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