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So what's the problem I hear you ask in a slightly disinterested way?  Well gather round and I'll tell you.

Take a look at the map being displayed just to the left of this here blog.  Where is it all situated according to Mr Google and his maps?

Well it seems that we're in the shadow of some place called Norton.

What's wrong with that many of you may enquire?  Well I'll tell you shall I?

I live in a city called Sheffield.  It is, I believe, the fifth largest city in the UK.  (There's always arguments about this as other cities try and boost their position by including any neighbouring town within a hundred mile radius in their population figures.)  It's a big, sprawling place.  It really is.

And do you know what?  Norton is a very small suburb in Sheffield.  It's just up the road from me.  So why the hell is it marked on the map in a similar level to London?  What's all that about?

Who on earth in Google maps HQ created this map?  How the hell did they do it?  To actually discover that there was a place called Norton there you'd have to examine a Sheffield streetmap and I don't think for one second they did that!

So sort it out Mr Google!

[NB As your present is now my past they may well have fixed this - in which case none of the above will make sense.  Don't lose sleep over it - just enjoy the warm glow of justice having being done!]

dougal says:
So they have - see the power of my blog!!
Posted on: Apr 29, 2007
sunsetrosebud says:
looks like they fixed your map. Now it shows Sheffield.
Posted on: Apr 28, 2007
Amanda says:
Check out this link -

The text there states the following...

Google Maps
Norton has achieved minor fame through a slight glitch in google maps, which gives it quite significant prominance. If viewing the UK as a whole, it is listed in the same size font as Manchester, and upon zooming closer it remains more significantly highlighted than many much larger settlements

Posted on: Apr 25, 2007
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