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the title speaks for itself. if you're not into country music, there's nothing to do in nashville but drink. don't get me wrong, country music is good. i do like some country music. it touches the heart. i know, lame. but true. their melodic tones and emotionally raw lyrics really strike a chord. literally and figuratively. it's just not my complete cup of tea.

therefore, for those that are not into country, drinking will be what you'll most likely occupy your time with. unfortunate, but true. all the bars are within walking distance of each other, so you bar hop. there's a good mess of them at what they call '5-points'. there's the alley cat, 3 crow, beyond the edge, etc. all within 20 paces of each other. there's also a place called 'juice bar' where derelicts wait outside for to open. i haven't ventured into there. didn't like the looks of the derelicts.

all of these bars serve food. most of it is fried, but there are some choice places with some interesting things on their menus that are quick and easy that will definately aid in sobering you up so you can soak up more booze. ugh. horrible.

we did see some cool things. we went to this place called the parthenon in downtown nashville that boasted 'the tallest indoor statue in the world'. it was of athena, greek goddess of wisdom. impressive. she didn't look very greek. more buddhist to me. or thai. but oh well. she's still effing massive. they also have some saved relics in the form of broken marble statues. you'd never guess that you'd see greco-roman art in the heart of music city. after that though, at around 12:30pm, we went to a bar and started the all day crawl.

if i were REALLY into country music, i'd come back. the country music hall of fame is here, also ryman hall, the original birthplace of the grand old opry, and, of course, the grand ole opry, are all downtown. there are other things to see, but after we started the bar crawl, my memory started fleeting. jager. yuengling. more beer. more jager. you get the picture.

i've seen it. done it. don't want to do it again. funny, the people i went there to see were really shitty hosts, but their neighbors were awesome and showed me a better time than i ever could with the ones i were staying with. i'm glad they rescued me.

hopefully on your travels to nashville you'll find good people to assist you in your fun!! best wishes!!

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photo by: diisha392