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From SFO to Mpls/St. Paul

2:30p (Pacific time) – Checked in via Northwest kiosk. Seating arrangements were displayed only to find out I was assigned the middle seat for the first leg of the flight (3hrs, 6 mins), then the window for the 2nd leg (37 mins). Both were not desirable, because of my fear of flying. So, tried to change to an aisle seat…..$25!!!!! So, I ended sitting in the middle seat on the first leg, then the window on the 2nd leg.

3:30p (Pacific time) - Northwest was overbooked. Airline asked for volunteers to catch the next flight with a $300 voucher. Wanted to take it but I was going to be arriving in the wee hours of the morning, and wanted to get some kind of sleep before class.

9:30ish pm (Central time) – Arrived in Mpls/St. Paul – I was starving! I had packed a PB & J sandwich and a banana from home, with the thought of catching an on-the-go dinner in Minneapolis. What the heck…..there were no fast food eateries open!?!?


From Mpls/St. Paul to Madison

11:30p – Landed. I was hoping for some kind of food…well, all closed!!!!!

11:45p – Caught a cab to the hotel. The main thoroughfare leading to the State Capitol looked like a drive downtown to Washington DC’s State Capitol building.

A little pass Midnight – Arrived at the Sheraton. I was tired and hungry, just wanted to jump in bed. Yet still had to go through some simple check-in… I thought! The card I used to book the hotel was nowhere in my belongings!!!!!! I tried to provide the CC number and exp date information, but policy dictated they did not use absentee cards…..holy!!!!! So, I used my personal travel expense card to pay for the hotel. Yes, I get reimbursed by my employer, though it takes about a billllllion years to receive.

12:27a – finally made it in my room!!!

12:36a – Wow, I’ve never stayed in a hotel room by myself….kinda cool! Forgot starvation (or at least to tired to care), though I was uber thirsty…no choice, I had to get one of the quart waters offered in my room, $2.84.

12:40ish am – An unexpected crisis. I can’t share this one….

1:30ish am – Ahhhhhh, shower….then low and behold I slice (not nixe or cut, mind you) off my skin on my left pointer finger with a shaver (because it had slipped off my hand)! Had to cut (no pun intended) my shower short because it was bleeding profusely!! I had to go through 3 band aids and a copious amount of Neosporin (packing min-med kits is a must) to control the bleeding…...Yup… it may scar!

2:10ish am – Uber tired…..and who said out-of-state work training was boring…..???



**Most time stamps were rounded to the nearest whole minute of the actual time it took place.

Kramerdude says:
I've stayed at that Sheraton once before several years ago (2003-ish, I think).
Posted on: Aug 26, 2008
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