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Seb on the beach, trying to see the pictures he took.

My parents had met Seb when they visited me in Paris, but my grandparents were eager to meet the guy who'd been so helpful to me my first weeks abroad.  As far as they were concerned, I wouldn't have made it without him.  (I probably wouldn't have!)  My dad planned a barbeque for Sunday afternoon, so I decided I'd take Seb on a little tour of the northshore on our way up to Waukegan.

We drove through Lake Forest, which is where I went to highschool, and I showed him my school--a converted mansion set back on a few acres overlooking a lake.  I walked him around the formal gardens and gave him a brief tour of the campus.  He took tons of was hard for him to picture students going to a school that looked like a house out of The Great Gatsby.

Me at the beach..seagulls and umbrellas and lake.
  On Sheridan Road through Lake Forest are some pretty spectacular homes...we took a drive through there so he could see how the other half live.  Shady lawns and high brick walls often block the views of the gorgeous mansions, but sometimes you can get a glimpse of the guest houses or gate houses. 

As you continue north, you pass through Great Lakes and the Navy of the only naval training facilities left in the nation...I think there's Great Lakes and one in Florida (or Virginia??) and that's it.  You also pass through North Chicago, which has nothing to do with Chicago the actual city.

Cheeeeeese!'s small and industrial, and not pretty to look at.  After North Chicago is Waukegan..also industrial, but interestingly enough it's the 10th largest city in Illinois.  My parents' home is on the northeast side of the city...literally two minutes from the beach.  The next town is Beach Park, just 5 minutes farther north, and since I like their beaches, I took Seb there.  The beaches he's used to seeing are was strange for him to get a look at what seemed as large as an ocean (since you can't see the other side) but which was fresh water.  He went swimming ( I didn't, it was way too cold) and we tanned on the beach for an hour.

At three we drove to my parents' house and changed clothes for dinner.  We had some wine and visited with my family.  Everyone was bursting with questions for Seb...and made us speak French to eachother so they could see that I really was fluent.  For dinner my dad had cooked delicious steaks on the grill, with corn on the cob, baked potatoes, and fresh salad.  The meal was great, and despite the fact that my Grandpa got up from the table when he was finished eating regardless of the fact that the rest of us remained to talk, it was fun.  Seb was a little surprised at that behavior, but really, back in the day, you went to the table to eat and when you were done eating, you didn't remain at the table.  Grandpa was just a little set in his ways, he of course wasn't meaning to be rude!  Completely different than the drawn out dining process I loved so much in France.  Oh well...when in Rome!

After it got dark, we sat around a fire in my backyard and chatted.  It was lots of family of course adored Seb.  We drove back to my apartment late that night and went to bed, ready for another big day downtown.

marksreynolds says:
Sounds like fun!! My Grandfather was the same way. When you're done, you're done! The only other thing the kitchen table was used for was playing cards! Oh how they loved to play cards...especially pinochle!
Posted on: Oct 01, 2008
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Seb on the beach, trying to see th…
Seb on the beach, trying to see t…
Me at the beach..seagulls and umbr…
Me at the beach..seagulls and umb…
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