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hot dog cart.

are HILARIOUS!! i met the most entertaining kids out there. i call them kids because i was the oldest one in our room. 25. this is when i started to realize, wow. i'm not really young anymore. and then after that thought my subconscious mind bitch-slapped my conscious mind [or is it the other way around...?] basically serving as a peripheral 'FUCK THAT, i'm living it up compared to a lot of people older than me!!' to which i came to the conclusion, age is irrelevant. it's what you do in the years that you've had that either ages you or keeps you ageless.

anyhow, these kids and i really hit it off. they showed me around new york, wanted me to talk all the time and could not stop laughing at my venacular and typical 'american' accent. "oh it's ahbsolyootely brillyunt, jacki.

i don't eva wunt you to stohp." i have cali-slang, i guess. i always say "righteous", "dope", "tits". OH, "tits" KILLED THEM!!

all the horror stories they tell you about hostels and how they're bad. false. you've gotta give them a shot. i had a wonderful time. met awesome people, and made many friends. it's life. you go in with an open attitude and you'll never be disappointed!!

i stayed at central park hostel. 19 103rd between central park west and manhattan ave.  dude, the subway station for the a and c lines is RIGHT THERE. i fed my metrocard with 20 bucks and got from JFK to my hostel with only a few easy switches, went all around manhattan and even brooklyn, and still had a dollar credit left. TITS!!

i highly suggest hostelling it in new york. especially at this place. centrally located. subway is super close, central park is right there. free wi-fi. and cheap. 80 bucks for 3 days?! ALL ABOUT IT. do it.

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hot dog cart.
hot dog cart.
memorial for 911
memorial for 911
these are all cranes. 
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these are all cranes. remember …
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