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After having arrived in Bangkok after a crazy 40 hours of straight travelling I was ready for some sleep.  However, I had heard there was a group of people who had a local guide that were setting off for Cambodia the next day staying at my hotel and they were eating at a resturant around the corner.  It was a bit past dinner time so I got directions from the person at the front desk of the hotel and walked outside trying to find the place.  The streets were really narrow and really crowded and there weren't any resturant names on the building facades anywhere.  It was basically plastic chairs and tables on the side of the street with someone cooking right next to the tables followed by a similar set up multiple times going all the way down the street.  I was exhausted but told myself I'd look for 10 minutes and if I couldn't find the place I would head back to the hotel and go to bed.  I walked up to one person who I saw serving food and pointed to the paper the hotel staff had given me with the resturant name on it.  As I stood there pointing a taxi cab came slowly driving up the very narrow street and looking at it I wondered how it fit in between these buildings to begin with.  The next thing I knew it was driving OVER my foot.  Not nearly ran over my foot - but actually ran over my foot.  Just what I needed... getting ready for a few months in Asia but only 2 hours off the plane and I may have broken my foot!  I stood in shock for a minute trying to register what happened - the waiter I was trying to talk to looked at me with a blank stare waiting to see if I was going to cry or scream out in pain.  However, by some miracle my foot was fine.  At that point I decided to call it a night, gave up on finding the group or resturant and headed back to the hotel.  I needed sleep and would meet up with the group in the morning because I knew when they were leaving.
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photo by: Deats