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I came home from the city trip to Athens with my mum, and next morning I'm back at Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) to fly to New York, JFK (19 June). With an hour at Heathrow Airport (London) I was afraid my bag wouldn't arrive. Many times they lost my bag at this airport. But they had a new system and a miracle had happen. My bag arrive at JFK at the same time I did.
I went to the USA to work at a summer camp in Elizaville, NY. Two months working with kids and doing outdoor activities. I was looking forward to it. Especially for teaching.
Next day I took the train to Rhinebeck and there was somebody from the camp to pick me up. First week there where no kids yet. We got a lot of training how to deal with kids. Only the international staff had to be there. I was assigned as a special counselor for mountain boarding, camping, hiking and caving. I never knew what mountain boarding was until I arrived at camp. A professional mountain boarder came for a day to teach me the basics of this sport. Not too difficult. Mountain boarding is a combination between skate boarding and snow boarding, which I both never did before... But I was ready to teach. Fun!

After a week the kids arrived. Since I flew with cheap ticket I was only allowed to bring 20+10 kg. Kids brought 40 to 50 kg each!!! Unbelieveble. I think there was nothing left in there bedrooms at home.
I was counselor of a group of 23 girls in the age of 11-13 years old with 7 other counselors of different nationalities. Difficult age group since the girls were really spoiled too.
I was ready to teach the next eight weeks my activities to all the girls of the camp. Unfortunately the head counselor thought other activities were much more important than what I was hired for. So in eight weeks I've been teaching only one week. It was a pity. Not what I expected at all. So I was baby sitting most of the time and that was not what I had came for. And then there where so many (stupid) rules. I'm not even going there to explain. Ask me personally if you really wanna know it...

Not everything in camp was bad. I met many great people and had a good time at the days off (5 in two months) and nights off. We hang out in a bar, played pool and had some drinks. Time to relax and being away from camp. A day off started after dinner until midnight next day.
In our days off we went to Albany, Boston, New York City, Woodstock and did some shopping.
When we went to NYC we had an amazing time. I went with a Spanish friend and we went to a real Latino bar, Gonzales Y Gonzales. I never been in a bar like that and I had the best time ever! Every body is dancing, great music, good ambiance. It was amazing. Not that I'm a good latin dancer, but I danced and had fun!
Boston is a nice city too. A lot of history and many things to do. The city centre is much smaller then NYC's and is nive to hang out.

After camp I had one more week and I wanted to spend my time in NYC. I didn't had enough money to travel with friends from camp to Las Vegas. I'll come back some day and then I'll visit the East Coast. NYC is amazing. In Europe we have nothing like NYC. I stayed in Chelsea Hostel in Chelsea, 20th street between 7th and 8th avenue. From there it's possible to walk to NYC's most important attactions like Times Square, Madison Garden, Penn Station, China Town, Meat Packing District (many bars and restaurants), shopping street 5th Avenue, Empire State Building, Rockafeller Centre and even Central Park. 
The Subways are ideal for longer destinations to Battle Park where you can take the ferry to go to the Statue of Liberty, Wall street, Ground Zero and more shopping. So I did all the high lights, organized a small Meet Up party and went to the museum of National Indians and the exhibition of Bodies. Impressive and really interesting.
I'm not a fan of theatre show so I didn't go to Broadway. But I can tell you Broadway is booming.

NYC is definitely a great city with things to do for every one. The Big Apple is really never sleeping. Find out by going to Times Square at night...

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