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After our swimming pool - cocktail party last night we could use some sleep. So it was already noon when we took the boat to Cavtat, not far from Dubrovnik. On our way to the harbour we met a tourist guide and so we asked her what the fuss with the stone was about. She told us that it is a way to measure your relationship. Any one who falls down has to work on it, only the ones that stay on top of it have found the perfect love. I found it more or less a disappointing story... Not quite exiting and the only ones that managed to stand upon the stone where children, so...

Anyway, it is nice to watch the mainland from the sea and the breeze is welcome to cool you down.

Lovely blue sea
After a while we reached the small village. There are two churches that one can visit, but they are more beautiful from the outside than from the inside though... Walking the coastline brought us some shade, views over the water and some refreshments in a wooden bar hanging over the hill. From where we sat we could swim down a small lagoon, than entering the deep, open sea. It was really deep. I tried to reach the bottom but I couldn't, yet the water was so clear that it looked a lot closer than it actually was. Swimming back up from the darker and colder water I could see the fish disperse as I came closer to the bright, light-blue surface. I stayed swimming there for a very long time, regularly warming myself on the rocks, than diving in again.

The streets in Cavtat are even steeper than the ones in Dubrovnik’s old city.
They are just as small, but climb higher upon the mountain. Ones in the labyrinth of alleys all other people vanish and just flowers, sweet picturesque houses and rays of sun remain.

Then, as the sun disappeared behind the horizon, we sat down under a palm tree to wait for the last boat home. We were the only passengers on board of the tiny motorboat. Though it was quite cold we stayed on deck to watch the sunset and the lights on the mainland. Above Dubrovnik hang a low, dark cloud, and we literally felt the cold surrounding us as we got closer and closer to the harbour. Darkness fell fast, and by the time we arrived everything around us had gone black. Nothing left than the sounds of seagulls and splashing water.

Visionary says:
Love the sound of the deep lagoon ;-)
Posted on: Aug 25, 2010
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Lovely blue sea
Lovely blue sea
On the boat to Cavtat
On the boat to Cavtat
photo by: Pearl510