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My first trip ever by myself.... ohhh the things you don't know ...... and especially as my English at this time was well....... I was still learning!  

I was staying with my penpal - a guy I knew for sometime - hes a real gentleman and not an idiot - so I was safe and I enjoyed the trip.

His best friend came over and started talking to me in some crazy sign language as I did not say much back - he was making some funny signs with his hands and his head - but what he didnt know was that I understood most things he was saying ... I just could not form the right sentences back .... bit of a strange conversation!

I had a great time and my penpal was showing me some super places in California - like Disneyland - so was really nice to see - but like always he never used to say much about where we were going - I didnt say much - listened and followed - so when he said - lets go and he got in the car ... well of course I followed like a dog ..... what else could I do!

One of these days when he said "lets go" ... we ended up driving and I noticed that signs for San Diego ... now this worried me! I had not taken my passport as usually we didnt go too far .. so didnt need it .... but of course today was different! I said to my friend I dont have my passport ... and he said ohhh no problem friend stopped .... left the car and walked a while over a bridge ... before collecting a second car and then we drove off!   Suddenly I noticed "hey we are in Mexico"! Now I am panicing - I have horrible visions in my head of being asked for my passport - not having it and nasty things happening!  Sometime later we came to another checkpoint - one to get back into the US! I had not even realised we had crossed over - my friend told me to be quiet and leave the talking to him - there is some discussion about the car with the border guard - my stomach is doing crazy things - am I going to jail - will something bad happen - WHY did I forget my passport! My friend does some more talking and suddenly we are through ...... urghhhhhh ...... dont ever do that to me again .... !!!!

but....... my Tijuana encounters didnt stop there......

Tijuana 2 ......!!!!!

We met his GF sometime on the same trip and we went on a camping trip - we took 2 cars because of the stuff we ended up taking - I mean when people say take the kitchen sink - well this was close! - So again here I am  in mexico (but this time I have my passport!!)  and again in Tijuana.... I was following my friend and I had to drive because his GF at the time didnt want to! So I tried to follow him but he's a crazy driver and he is travelling fast. Its getting dark and I am struggling to see him ..... we pass a turn and I didnt see him turn off. After a few Kms we come to the end of the road - one turn right .. one turn left ... no friend!   His GF is kind of hysterical and starts crying and shouting and becomes not really helpful! We decide to turn round and go back but she didnt want to - as she didnt speak alot of spanish - so here we are in Tijuana ... 2 lost girls..... one hysterical GF.... one lost German ..... car full of stuff........ no papers (they in my friends bag in HIS car.).... ohhh didnt I mention we have no fuel left and need to refill! Here we go again! Sooooo ..... we stopped for sometime to see if we could see him ... but didnt .... so we saw another street and took the other direction until we came to a Toll booth area on the street and decided to wait there. Maybe he would come back..... maybe not! I was very tired by now but we couldnt sleep! After 1 hour suddenly my friend turns up! Smiling he says "where have you been?" His GF was not so pleased ..... she was not going camping and we ended up going back home ... end of the camping trip!

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