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I got up at the crack of dawn to go on a bird watching walk with the local guide but I hadn't book so I went down to the reception thinking that everyone would be there but  I didn't see anyone, no one must of booked so of course the guide didn't come. I thought seeing that I was up I should do something rather than just go back to bed so I decided to do the wishing tree hike it's only a short hike of around 2-3 kilometres that leads to the tallest tree in the national park,the wishing tree it goes via Mick's lookout tower which is a tower purposely built to spot bush fires that Australia is well known for.

The hike leads off behind the back of the lodge and it is a pleasant hike that allows you to see the pademelons in their natural enviroment rather than out in the open fields grazing in the grass, unfortunately they are a little shy when it comes to people in their natural territory and they quickly scampered off further into the forest when they see you.

the wishing tree The biggest tree in the park
You could also see some brush turkeys scouraging in the forest for food. Did n't see anybody on the hike but didn't expect to at this time of the morning.

Got back to my room and my wife and son had just got up, good timing for breakfast. We had to check out by 10 as we were going back to the Gold Coast today. The bus was going to pick us up at 2pm.We had to meet the woman from last night to go on the Python Rock hike.  Walking up to her camp site we came across a bower bird which is a beautiful blue it also had built its mating nest. We had watched a film about them last night so it was definately worth the watch. The bird tries to attract its partner by making a beautiful nest the grass is pulled up into 2 sections and then the nest is littered with anything that contains blueso this bird had managed to find milk cartons torn only with the blue cardboard and blue bottle caps I hope the bird had success in capturing its mate as it had definately done a great job in finding these things in the National park.

We met Allison and her daughter Anna and went to do the hike.Python rock hike is a 6km return trip that takes around 2 hours to complete and is fairly easy grade track. The python rock lookout has stunning views of the The crag. MOran falls that we hiked to yesterday and distant mountain rangers , overall a nice hike. We had to get back fairly quickly as we had to catch our bus by 2.

Once again we were on the bus with day trippers and it stopped at a winery that O'Reillys also owncalled the Canuggra winery. We were there for about half an hour but we decided not to do any wine tasting that we usually do. We must of been tired.  We got back to the Gold Coast and were dropped off at our hotel Breakfree Paradise Resort. My parents had come up to the  Gold Coast to see us and they had already been to the hotel twice to see if we were there.

Checked in, put our bags down and decided to go around to my parents accomodation was greeted with a hug and chatted away for ages before going out to have pizza and fettuccini from La Porchetta's restraunt. A nice meal.



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the wishing tree
The biggest tree…
the wishing tree The biggest tre…
Lamington National Park
photo by: reikunboy