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And let me tell you, that's literally.

First off, I will tell you all that I will never take Super Shuttle ever ever again.  The ride from the house to the airport was late, I had to call and find out where the guy was.  The ride from the Long Beach airport to the cruise terminal was excruciating.  The driver was (again) late, and then he didn't know where I was going.  Fortunately I had printed directions, but alas, they were wrong.  He went 15 miles the wrong direction before he informed me that he believed we had turned the wrong way and we turned around.  I called Mark to clarify, and that was successful until we got to the signs for the Queen Mary and he turned BEFORE the sign, not after as a logical person would have done.  Another 20 minutes later we were back where we started, and it took a grand total of 1 hour and 10 minutes to go a distance that should have taken 20 minutes.  After that, I cancelled the ride back to the airport and cabbed over with Cindy and Amy today.  Then, after 4 airports and many more hours than I had originally planned, the shuttle guy in Phoenix had me watch 4 shuttles go by before he decided to get me in a van and send me home.  This is, of course, approximately 1 am, after being up at 6 am for breakfast.

But to the topic of this blog entry.  I had originally scheduled the Shuttle to take me from the cruise terminal to the airport, and yesterday morning when they told us that breakfast would only be served until 8:30 at the Normandy, I made the decision to get up at six for breakfast, since most of the meals in the Normany took 2 hours.  So I had breakfast.  I went to the Taj Mahal for the comedian show while we were waiting to get off the ship.  At approximately 11 am I got off the ship and breezed through security for the first of many times this long long day.  I found Amy and Cindy, and we all cabbed together to the Long Beach airport, where I had thought I would be flying out at around 3:45 pm.  We had a very nice and humongous lunch which was fortunate because I ate the rest of my lunch later.  I bought a book and was successfully able to read the entire book in one day.  At about  2:30 pm, the guy comes over the intercom and announces that the flight is overbooked, and if anybody wants to volunteer for a later flight they will get a free round trip ticket, and also what he didn't announce, is that the flights later would be upgraded to first class.  So I volunteered. 

After the plane I should have been on left, I cabbed to the John Wayne airport, somewhere in California is as close as I can get for the location on that one.  So this is the 3rd time I've been through security today.  I sat there for about 2 hours before the flight left for Vegas at about 7, landed in Vegas around 8.  This was followed by another 2 hours in the Vegas airport, and the flight from Vegas to Phoenix left at about 11, I landed here in Phoenix around midnight, somewhat later I think.  And, did I mention that my luggage was in the original plane?  So there is a desk that is called US Airways Luggage resolution, so I (attempting to be logical again) assume that's where I would get my luggage.  It took about 30 minutes until I figured out I was in the wrong place, hence landing me on the curb at Sky Harbor around 1 am.

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