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Wednesday we were in Puerto Vallarta.  This was the day I tried to hike.  When I say try, I did show up, got the little bus ride to the mountain, and apparently made it about 3/4's of the way to the top of the highest part, but the heat and humidity combined to make the hike too hard, so I turned around.  It worked out though, because I got to take a tour of the tequila factory and sit and rest before I went back to the ship.  We got back to the ship around noon with plenty of time to shower and eat lunch, then it was back to the bus and turns out to be the same place and the same people from the morning.  This was the Dune Buggy excursion, and I was the only single driver in the group.  I thought at first I was going to get my own buggy, but then somehow it turned out that there weren't enough buggies and I got to ride with the mechanic bringing up the back.  In retrospect, I am thankful that I didn't have to drive and still got to go.  The road was pretty rough and there were a lot of times when people would stall out and break their buggies down, and I just got to ride along and make fun of the ones that thought they could drive a stick and really couldn't.  I also got driven through some gigantic mud puddles and a small river, I think, and by the time we got back to the bus we were all totally soaked and smelly.. that was fun.  When we got on the bus, they had covered all the seats in plastic bags and told us "wet people" to sit on the plastic seats.  That was fine.  I stole a bag to put my dirty clothes in, but then they didn't dry and I ended up doing laundry on the ship a few days later.  This was also the day that I got to eat dinner all alone with about 5 waiters.  I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed all the attention I was getting, but I probably could have lived without the 3 desserts they brought me.. lol
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