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Boarding the ship was a humongous pain in the ass, and I was thankful that I was there early even though the stuff they mailed us said not to get there more than 30 minutes ahead of time.  There was a line at least 100 yards long, and it was a snaky type of line so it was really 3 times that long, and that was just to get through the big dome that had all the security stuff in it.  Once we got into the dome, we had to go through basically airport security, without the shoes, and then we got to get on the ship.  Of course, once I got on the ship I was going to eat but then others told me that their rooms were ready which I hadn't thought they were yet, so I took my bag to the room and it was ready.  This is after walking down the entire wrong side of the ship which was the size of 3 football fields, according to a video I saw.

The first evening on the ship was spent getting used to navigating the floor plan, and unpacking.  The room was about the size of my office, but considering how much time I spent there, it was just fine.  We had an interior room which I will definitley do again.  With the time spent there, and being able to go up only 3 decks to the sun, it was ok.  We had a nice dinner at the Normandie, and that became the routine most evenings.  I had been a bit worried about not having dinner until 8:15, but it was great.  WE had the last seating so we were able to hang out and chat and eat multiple desserts without stress of them having to get ready for the next seating.

Monday and Tuesday were days at sea.  I woke up earlier than usual on Monday, went walking, had breakfast, and pretty much explored the ship, played some blackjack, and hung out with friends.  Tuesday I got some sun, and finished about half of the DaVinci Code, so that was great.  Dinner was the highlight these days, and I am still getting used to having to cook again, it was really nice to be able to sit down, order food, and not have to pay for it.. lol.  Tuesday night was our first formal dinner, and I got some really nice photos taken of me that I ended up buying and getting some copies of. 

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The ride from the house to the airport was late, I had to call and find out where the guy was.  The ride from the Long Beach airport to the cruise terminal was excruciating.  The driver was (again) late, and then he didn't know where I was going.  Fortunately I had printed directions, but alas, they were wrong.  He went 15 miles the wrong direction before he informed me that he believed we had turned the wrong way and we turned around.  I called Mark to clarify, and that was successful until we got to the signs for the Queen Mary and he turned BEFORE the sign, not after as a logical person would have done.  Another 20 minutes later we were back where we started, and it took a grand total of 1 hour and 10 minutes to go a distance that should have taken 20 minutes. 
Long Beach
photo by: X_Drive