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This link says the hike was 8 miles.  The other map I printed out and can't find a link for now says that it's 10 miles.  My GPS which I am not entirely impressed with, although it does keep track of my car when I'm hiking, said that it was about 6.5 miles.  So I'm going with the map I took with me, and telling everybody that I hiked 10 miles yesterday.. lol.

At least this trail was really clearly marked, I found the trailhead easily once I figured out that the road I wanted to be on actually did turn, when the directions didn't say it did.  I got to the trailhead about 7:30 am, after checking out of the hotel and eating a free breakfast which was actually good. 

I turned what I thought was right and thought I was going counterclockwise, but thankfully I ran into some people, showed them my map and told them where I thought I was, and they informed me I had turned left instead of right and I was going clockwise, which probably kept me from getting lost.  After I got up to the first turning place, approx. 2 miles in, it started to rain, which felt really good for about five minutes and then got really cold for about 5 more minutes.  As my little brain is going through the list of what the ranger told me to bring to survive overnight, it stops raining.  Thank heavens. 

I found a sawed down tree to sit on for a while and noticed that my phone was working after having no signal in the hotel and most of the day so far, so I called my mom.  She worries about me when I'm hiking and I always call her when I'm done, but I wasn't sure I would be able to do that when I finished.  Reassured her, that there are tons of signs that will keep me safe, and promise that I will call when I can again, assuming I have a signal at some point before I get home.

I continued on, saw some cute little bunnies playing in a meadow, stopped to take another break.  I forgot to take my camera, so I wasn't able to take pictures, but it was a breathtaking view most of the way around the trail.  I had one spot where I was daydreaming and got off the trail with the signs, I ran into a fence and realized that I hadn't seen any signs for a while, so I did have to backtrack a bit to get back to where the signs were.  I turned again, and went up the side of  a mountain, where I was level with the mountain that had all the radio towers on it, similar to South Mountain.  I got to the top of there and found another tree to sit on, so I drank some more water and had a bag of peanuts, and continued back to the car. 

Overall, it was a very nice hike.  My feet are a little sore today, but that's alright.  I got a blister on my pinkie toe, so today I went and bought some nylon socks to wear under the wool ones that the Sportsman's Warehouse guy reassured me would be perfect.  I will try out the new sock combination next Friday at Mt. Charleston in Vegas, and see how that goes.  That trail will be with my dad, so mom won't have to worry.. lol.

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photo by: dravendc